SPACE to Lead the Way in the Social Commerce Arena

Metaverse transforms the way people interact with each other. It turns the 2-dimensional internet world into a 3-D virtual world that allows us to communicate, connect, collaborate, and even play together. SPACE took this step further by creating their virtual world. This allows users to interact with one another in friendly and colorful environments. SPACE’s latest round of fundraising has enabled them to grow into one the most prominent names in Metaverse technology. An array of tier-1 funds have contributed $7 million, including Coinfund, Dapper Labs (creators NBA Top Shot and Flow), Digital Currency Group and Animoca Brands.

SPACE Early Access Alpha has been adopted by over 10,000 people and integrates with more than 100 companies across the music, fashion and art industries.

Visit destination for social and commerce pursuits

SPACE will become the new destination for virtual worlds that allow visitors to interact in social and work-based pursuits. It is also a place for users and brands to mix and collaborate with each other, including exhibitions and showrooms as well as stores and hangouts.

The Founder of SPACE, Batis Samadian said, “The metaverse is gaining mass acceptance and becoming a place where many people get together to socialize. Commerce is a natural progression, which Space is focusing on. The metaverse will allow users to see shows and buy, sell, or interact with digital goods. Space has created Shopify for metaverse in order to allow creators to make digital products easily available to the public and to let users purchase them.

Polygon Studios supports Space projects. According to Polygon’s founder, Sandeep Nailwal “The race is on for the few players who will bring the future of work and commerce to web3, and the SPACE team is one of the most promising ones to be leaders in building the commerce virtual world.”

There are many possibilities for the future, and this is not only in the gaming Metaverse worlds of Axie Infinity or Sandbox. SPACE, along with other leaders, supports the Metaverse’s commerce world.



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