Soldex, Solana-built Decentralized Exchange Partners with Larix Protocol

There are many issues with the rise of cryptocurrency. There are many concerns, including security, scalability and onboarding newbies. Trustless custody, order matching and exchange matchups.

To achieve mass adoption, there’s a need for third generational exchanges that would resolve these issues.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology keeps evolving and changing to suit users’ needs.

These decentralized exchanges, which offer privacy, security, sovereignty, and control over crypto assets, are revolutionary parts of the evolution.

But, every active DeFi user will have encountered the following problems while using a DEX.

  • Transaction speed slow
  • Insufficient volumes;
  • High gas prices;
  • Limited liquidity
  • Poor user experience;
  • Execute your trades manually

These drawbacks can be felt by both experienced traders as well as newbies, but they affect newbies the most because they have to learn about market conditions and take risky financial decision on their own.

Soldex is a third-generational DeFi protocol based on Solana that aims at solving these problems.

Soldex is the next-generation DEX

Soldex, the third generation of Solana’s DEX, is the most efficient, user-friendly, and fastest.

The next stage in DeFi’s evolution is this one, which aims at working on all markets conditions 24/7 using emotionless machine-learning algorithms and neural networks.

Soldex is a third generational exchange that aims to solve the issues of trustless custody and order-matching in current decentralized exchanges.

Soldex users will enjoy AI trading and decentralization through Soldex.

Soldex is being developed to provide users with the main advantages of faster transaction speeds and automated trading.

Transaction speed increases

Slow transaction times are a major problem for DeFi users.

No one wants to wait for simple transactions to complete.

Low transaction speeds and high gasoline fees deter retail traders from using DEXs.

Soldex is based on Solana for this reason.

Solana has a transaction cost per token of $0.00001 and a processing speed of approximately 65,000 transactions per seconds (about 65,000 transactions per hour). Compared to Ethereum’s meager 15 TPS, the scalability of Solana is enormous.

Soldex will be able solve problems such as slow transactions and high fees by leveraging the Solana environment’s flexibility and efficiency.

Soldex allows users to make fast, inexpensive, and effective transactions.

Automated Trading

Soldex’s automated trading features would allow users to trade 24 hours a day, regardless of market conditions.

Many crypto investors, particularly newbies, trade crypto assets. It is a volatile and emotionally charged business.

Soldex Protocol aims to reduce this risk. It offers users AI-powered algorithms that have been created by experienced traders.

This machine-learning leverage would allow traders to create or select their own trading bots based on their criteria such as volatility, risk tolerance and timeframe.

The protocol’s neural network algorithm will evaluate market data, make intelligent predictions on market risks and trade assets on traders’ behalf. The protocol will keep improving its capabilities, based on the trading history and data it has collected.

Soldex bots for trading will include the following:

  • market data analysis
  • market risk prediction
  • Trading assets

Soldex also offers educational tools for users, which would make it easier to trade with both experienced and novice traders.

These educational tools can be used by experienced traders to develop their trading bot, and then offer it for commission to other traders.

The educational materials will be available to help newbies use their AI-powered bot.

Friendly interface

Soldex’s goal is to make a DEX that allows for easy navigation and users-friendliness. It allows users to enjoy liquidity incentivized, higher swaps, instant transactions and easy deposits.

It is clear that Soldex has many experiences. After observing the difficulties faced by DEXs in the past, the team now aims to overcome them all.

Solana is a good choice. What’s so interesting about the Solana ecosystem?

Soldex understands that crypto must scale quickly and remain neutral in order to be widely accepted. Building on a blockchain where transactions cost over $30 and last several minutes before completion wouldn’t achieve this much-needed scalability.

Solana, however, is the ideal blockchain to support next-generation DEXs that are looking for scale.

Solana, with its unique proof-of-history mechanism and other technology that allows for rapid scaling and impressive speeds has proven it can accomplish its goal of mass adoption.

Solana boasts of 65,000 transactions per second (TPS), these numbers make Ethereum’s meager 15 TPS look non-existent.

Also, Solana’s average rate of $0.00001 per transaction is negligible compared to the high gas fees of the Ethereum blockchain.

Solana has a strong infrastructure that is built upon a variety of smart contracts, blockchain oracles and other technologies. Protocols built using Solana’s infrastructure would allow for a cheap, quick, and intuitive trading experience while keeping the platform completely decentralized.

Soldex’ Recent Partnership

Larix – the first metaverse-based finance protocol on the Solana ecosystem.

Larix and Soldex recently joined forces.

Larix was the first protocol to allow LP mortgage lending and auto-compounding. Only on Solana

These two protocols can work in sync through this partnership.

Larix, the most popular Solana lending and borrowing protocol is available on the Solana Blockchain.

This has resulted in more efficient risk management pools that are capital-efficient. It allows for a wide range of collateral types such as stablecoins and NFTs to be used safely and securely.

Laris employs a dynamic rate model.

Larix is the first lending project on Solana that has been audited and reviewed by SlowMist – the well-known and reputable smart contract auditor.

It is also the first lending protocol that has live mining functionality. It’s also the first lending protocol Open-Sourced on Solana.

This collaboration between Soldex & Larix will help Soldex gain more attention and wilder recognition on the market.

You need to be aware of these things:

There’d be an AMA in the Soldex community on 11th January, 12 pm CET. More details about this partnership will emerge during this AMA.


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