Snoop & Gary Vee Got “Ownership” Of A Basketball Team With Ice Cube’s BIG3 NFTs

These BIG3 NFTs might become one of this year’s most entertaining stories. The 3-on-3 basketball league created by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz offers utility beyond belief for its “NFT Ownership” collection. NFTs holders of the Fire Tier will have the opportunity to directly affect the league’s play and results via video conferences with their coaches. They’ll also get the chance to be Team CEO, which is what Snoop, Gary, and the other projects seem to be looking for.

“A BIG3 NFT holder is effectively a part of the team from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep,” The league claims. These Ethereum-based NFTs come with “ownership-like benefits” in “two-tier options comprising 12,000 editions – 1,000 for each of the league’s twelve teams that include 25 Fire priced at $25,000 each and 975 Gold priced at $5,000 each.” From those 25 Fire ones, a Team CEO is selected. The prominent buyers were each given all the available items for their chosen team.

The BIG3 league’s season five starts on June 18th, and it will receive live coverage on CBS and Paramaunt+. The owners will get some coverage, as well as their NFT collections. Will they be able to bring their particular audience to the BIG3 Basketball League?

BIG3 League Announces NFT Series

Recently, “Ice Cube guaranteed on a recent Twitter space that the league will be around for 100 years”. Given that BIG3 will be entering its fifth season, this is an extremely low-time preference situation. This is In The blog post that announcesThey presented the project to Web 2.0 and Web3.

“You can read a blog, comment on a blog, or even start your own blog. Follow your favourite players on Twitter and Instagram. While all of this is great, it doesn’t allow you to have an impact on the players or teams that you love. Web 2.0 provides engagement. Web 3.0, which the BIG3 is diving into with this NFT drop, takes you past engagement and into an empowering experience.”

NFT is a utility machine that excels, including the attendance at parties following gamedays as well as invitations to practice. Owner suites with reserved access, backstage access, coach and player meet-and-greets. Plus, a championship game experience and “even a championship ring if your team wins the whole thing.” Plus, because it’s the law for NFT projects, “a dedicated Discord page for BIG3 owners.”

Ownership is the key to success.

What does the BIG3 NFTs guarantee ownership?

From among 25 Fire-tier NFT holders, the new team CEO will be chosen. Besides that, every one of those 25 will have “a direct and tangible impact on the league” by:

  • “Access to weekly calls with your team to talk strategy leading up to each game”

  • “Weekly video calls with referees to discuss rules and how you think their calls impacted the last game”

  • “The unique opportunity to connect with commissioner Clyde Drexler as well as league founders Jeff Kwatinetz and Ice Cube three times a year to discuss fundamental strategy, changes, and ideas for the league”

Clyde Ice Cube will be available to owners for a chat. 

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Gary Vee and Snoop Dogg are the new owners.

Here’s where the fun begins. Since we’re talking about an NFT, members of the community came out in full force to support the idea. To get involved in the discussion. The celebrity owners who purchased the 25 Fire Tier NFTs of their teams’ respective teams have so far been:

  • Snoop Dogg, co-founder at PayPal Ken Howery won the 25 team Bivouac.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk, his VeeFriends collection of NFTs, won the 2019 Championship.
  • As mentioned in Check out our article regarding themKiller was purchased by DeGods, a NFT community.
  • Bill Lee of MyDoge wallet introduced DogeCoin to the community when he purchased the 25 Fire Tier for Aliens in Dogecoin. This was “the largest commercial transaction in history for the cryptocurrency.”
  • Krause House, a basketball-focused Decentralized Autonomous Organization, got the Ball Hogs’ 25.

Relevant Quotes From BIG3’s Site

This phenomenon is discussed in detail BIG3 founder Ice Cube said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Snoop, Ken, and their communities on board with the BIG3. Having someone with Ken’s knowledge and experience wanting to be a part of our league demonstrates that we are moving in the right direction. Snoop, a legend in the Web3 arena who has leapt headfirst into it and is well aware of the significance and importance of what we want to make, is undisputed. Together, I know they will take Bivouac to new heights and we can’t wait to get started.”

On his part: GaryVee:

“I’ve been incredibly impressed with the pop culture relevance of the BIG3 league. Over the last several months I’ve been able to get closer with Cube and the rest of the team and I’m extremely excited about the impact of the Blockchain on professional sports. All of those ingredients create a scenario where I am excited to join this incredible league.”

Big3 is also a co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz contributed:

 “We are thrilled to partner up with Bill and have the MyDoge and Dogecoin communities be represented by the Aliens. We have made history with this transaction, and we hope it inspires others in the Doge world to support the team whether by purchasing the Gold-Tiers, by attending games, or by tuning in.”

You can see that everyone is looking at the integration of audiences and communities. If we have ever seen one, this is a win-win scenario. This deal could have enough star power to propel both the BIG3 League as well as the NFT community into new heights.

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