Sifchain Partners with Nervos as Part of Omni-EVM Movement

Sifchain is dedicated to creating a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency World where all assets around the world can move easily between multiple blockchains. It also allows for fast and affordable transactions.

Thanks to the project’s new partnership with Nervos, that reality is getting closer and closer. Nervos Network aims at creating an architecture for all-encompassing builds that allows dApp developers the ability to only build one thing and then reach every user, anywhere.

How the Partnership between Sifchain, Nervos and Blockchain is for Blockchain Users

If there is one thing that has become an absolute certainty over the last number of years, it’s that the path to blockchain interoperability runs through building bridges between blockchains. It sounds like a simple concept but it’s an area of cryptocurrency that is still lacking.

Sifchain, Nervos and others see value in this. Sifchain’s focus on Omni-EVM will allow them to generate bridges to Ethereum compatible blockchains within a matter of days. Omni-EVM gives you the capability to securely and easily spin up a link between Sifchains and Nervos. That’s right! It is possible to bridge any blockchain which can communicate with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, (EVM). The Nervos EVM Layer is one example of a bridge that can be made between Sifchain (or Godwoken) and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Given that Ethereum still accounts for more than 20% of all the capital invested in cryptocurrency projects today and dominates so many different facets of the crypto world (DeFi, NFTs, smart contracts, the metaverse etc…), this is a huge development.

Move Further into the Cosmos

There are currently 42 tokens that the Cosmos ecosystem has created. Cosmos’ software development tool is loved by software developers. That’s part of the reason why not only are there so many different projects living on Cosmos, several of them have multibillion-dollar market caps.

The new location for these projects is now possible. All projects in the Cosmos ecosystem are now able to move on the Nervos Blockchain. This means that any project on Cosmos can also be used on any other Nervos project. Everyone wins.

The Finest in Interoperability

Do you want to move assets from Ethereum to Sifchain You might also consider moving from Sifchain back to Nervos. Nervos to Sifchain, back to Ethereum

All of this will be possible with the partnership. The agreement between these projects has the potential to provide interoperability on a level that is unmatched by other projects.

Everyone in the sector knows that innovation is essential to ensure that everyone who holds valuable digital assets can use them in their own way. Nervos will push a new wave in interoperability by providing a set of developer tools that can be used on Nervos’ blockchain. This is also a commitment to building the future blockchain infrastructure. The project challenges Satoshi Nakamoto’s views on reaching consensus, as outlined in the original Bitcoin whitepaper. The project recognizes that smart contract platforms face many challenges, such as issues around fees and the scaling of transactions.

Nervos also seeks to reduce the tendency of miners, who are selfish and engage in 51% attacks or other destructive activities. This is contrary to what Nervos’ original purpose of a public and permissible blockchain. This solution addresses both Layer 1 as well Layer 2 problems.

An Overview of the Nervos Network

Nervos Network’s positioning paper argues that Layer 1 solutions should be used as value stores. Nervos’ economic model is not based on transaction fees, but state storage. Common Knowledge Base (CKB), described above, is a Proof of Work based multi-asset store of value blockchain that uses a programming model and economic model that revolve around the state.

It’s going to be the first layer 1 solution built specifically to support layer 2 solutions. CKB:

  • Layer 2 protocol complements with security and decentralization, rather than layer 2 priority overlapping like scalingability.
  • Instead of modeling accounts, it models ledger around state. Transactions can reference state objects and be passed between layers.
  • This machine acts more as a verification machine than a computer engine. It can also act as a cryptographic court to verify off-chain transitions.
  • Developers can add cryptographic primitives to make CKB future-proofed. This means that CKB can verify proofs created by many layer 2 solutions.

Sifchain and Nervos Show Excited Futures for Interoperability

Since its initial fundraising in 2019, the team at Nervos is proving that it’s committed to developing a public blockchain the way it’s supposed to be. Both projects are winners because the team actively looks to collaborate with Sifchain. This will also benefit Ethereum and Cosmos users.

It’s a win, win, win, win for everyone involved.

Sifchain and Nervos are the future, as is interoperability.



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