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PRESS RELEASE. EverRise (the DeFi project that pioneered the idea of buying back cryptocurrency) will be going live on Monday, 29 November, at 11:00 UTC. With one supply of the new RISE token across all three blockchains, as well as balanced liquidity pools, the RISE token can be found on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks.

It is the first token to launch on all three chain simultaneously. The RISE token will also be made available for the first-time on Polygon. The token is currently available on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Numerous innovations and improvements have been made to the contract. Larry from noted in an update to the EverRise community, “The upgraded EverRise contract is a technological tour de force. The Certik team is impressed with the level of innovation and engineering.”

Most important is the addition of staking. This replaces reflections. The transaction tax has been reduced from 11% down to 6%. The holders who choose to stake tokens can select between one or twelve month staking pools. A new automatic buyback feeds the reward pool. An upgraded automatic buyback instead of sending tokens via the burn address distributes purchased tokens to staking rewards pool. The supply of tokens is fixed at 10,000:1 to ensure that they are not burned. This results in just under 72 million tokens (7,618,033,988).

The EverRise ecosystem for decentralized applications (dApps), v2.0 will now be accessible to all developers across the three chain to provide security and assurance to investors and project developers. EverRise offers developers EverOwn (a smart contract lock) and EverBridge (a cross-blockchain bridge that can block speed transfer blocks). EverSale and EverLock are in the planning stages.

EverRise created two new apps, EverMigrate & EverStake to complement the updated contract. EverMigrate simplifies token migration and EverStake gives holders the ability to stake their tokens. EverMigrate is available for other projects that want to move to a smart contract later.

EverRise, in addition to the new dApps that are on the horizon is excited to bring their token and the entire ecosystem of dApps onto more blockchains. The company is committed to providing safety and security for the whole DeFi community.


EverRise is an innovative blockchain technology company that aims to make decentralized finance more accessible by providing security solutions. EverRise offers developers and investors the opportunity to gain access to the largest market possible with maximum security through an innovative network of decentralized apps. Their goal is to promote safety protocols in Binance Smart Chains, Ethereum and Polygon networks. They offer EverBridge (EverOwn), EverMigrate (EverStake), and EverMigrate (with more coming soon).

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