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Samsung Latam is the region division of the electronics company. It has now decided to create its own Decentraland space, which is an Ethereum-based metaverse platform. The space, which will be named “House of Sam,” will allow users to have virtual contact with different products of the brand, and play mini-games to win Samsung-branded rewards for their avatars.

Samsung Latam Goes Deep into the Metaverse

Samsung Latam (the Latin American division of the electronics manufacturer) has created an online space for increasing brand visibility. The company will maintain a space called “House of Sam” in Decentraland, one of the biggest Ethereum-based metaverse platforms.

The goal is, according to some reports, to get the brand in front of a younger generation using the metaverse to help them. It is now open to users. The launch was on September 1, with Melim’s virtual show.

Arthur Wong (marketing director at Samsung Latam) spoke out about the new digital space’s launch and its goals.

Decentraland will allow our customers to connect with one another, participate in courses, shows and other events, as well as interact with others. It is one of the most democratic, open, inclusive spaces in the metaverse. We aim to reach Gen Z, the younger generation of consumers that don’t see any boundaries between virtual and physical things.

Activity and prize information

House of Sam offers a number of mini-games about the brand. They also give prizes such as wearables and other exclusive items for avatars. You can also find some iconic Samsung products in virtual space such as the Freestyle portable projection projector.

Samsung is making this move as one of several that it has made in metaverse. However, the company is also active in non-fungible token (NFT) markets and bitcoin mining chips business. The company also launched Space Tycoon, a metaverse experience as part the Roblox platform. The company also opened a store in Decentraland in January.

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