Ron Bauer on First Impressions – How to Package Your Business and Present it to Investors

The next stage is to present your business plan and impress investors. If you’re a founder who still hasn’t landed investors, you agree that wowing investors is no easy feat. Your first impressions can turn out to be so bad that you begin to doubt the business concept. 

But you shouldn’t despair. Ron Bauer was kind enough to meet us. A seasoned mentor to startups and businessmen, Ron Bauer helps entrepreneurs launch their companies and provide the right investor materials for pitching to investors. 

Ron Bauer 

Bauer has over twenty years experience as an entrepreneur. Bauer has been involved in more than 5,000 pitch sessions, closed numerous deals and created many businesses that have gone on to be successful. Ron is a well-respected mentor in business. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to reach out to him via Linkedin or through his extensive network to assist them with struggling businesses. 

Bauer helps these entrepreneurs raise capital and get ready to be public. From startups to established businesses, he mentors and coaches founders. Ron aids entrepreneurs and founders to understand how to get additional capital. He also helps them prepare for going public on a worldwide stock exchange. 

Packaging your business & Presenting it to Investors 

To present your business to the world and package it, you need to craft a compelling pitch. Bauer knows how difficult it can be to present your business idea. He will listen to what you have to say, then analyze it and help you refine it. 

Bauer is convinced that all founders can improve their investor pitches. Bauer helps you get to grips with the psychology behind your investor pitch. Your investor pitch shows why people would invest or wouldn’t invest. 

Bauer may also look at all your investor materials. These could include your company website, investor presentation or executive summary. If you don’t have any of these materials, Bauer helps you create them from scratch in a systematic and orderly manner.

Bauer can help you decide the most effective way to pitch your business depending on where it is at. Bauer will make sure your company looks like the next big thing. 

Wining Investors 

Bauer says that winning investors over is not always as simple as it appears. Bauer cites the example of Airbnb’s founder, who met with dozens upon dozens of VCs across Silicon Valley, Massachusetts and Europe. However, many rejected his idea as unimportant. It’s the same with Jeff Bezos, who went to about 60 people but received 40 rejections. The 20 remaining owners held close to 20% of Amazon during its creation and startup stages.

Working with Bauer shortens the time you’d spend working on your investor materials, your pitch, packaging your business, and presenting it to investors. You get to learn from an expert’s 20 years of experience, which dramatically increases your likelihood of success. 

Bauer has experienced more successes than failures over the past 20 years of his career. Bauer offers a one-day virtual mastermind to entrepreneurs and founders in order to help them develop the necessary skills to be successful. If you thrive and enjoy the one-day virtual mastermind (which we’re sure you will), you can apply to one of his team members for long-term one-on-one business mentoring. You can check out Bauer’s website to learn more.