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PRICE RELEASE ROLA, a community-driven platform for the crypto industry, allows users to participate in AI-based predictions on all market aspects while leveraging real-time market insights on top of professional analysts’ knowledge. The ROLA app enables users to consume market insights while improving from the users’ votes. This algorithm improves upon the inputs it gets from its community, and in turn, gives accurate predictions. ROLA drives a Predict to Earn ecosystem.

ROLA brings the Web3 Community a lot of value

Projects that are backed by strong social communities and tokenomics have been successful in the crypto world. is one such project that will soon enter the blockchain ecosystem.

ROLA’s Web3 project was developed in response to community needs. Many projects that follow a successful ICO neglect the communities which contributed so much to their success. But ROLA is always the first priority. Continue reading about ROLAThey are changing the dynamics and participation of the Web3 Community.

Understanding The ROLA Ecosystem

ROLA’s AI-based tools help members make informed decisions and learn how to trade cryptocurrencies while having plenty of fun. ROLA’s ecosystem has a wealth of useful features users can use to their advantage. You can use it to your advantage.

AI-Based Signals

ROLA provides users with AI-based signals that can be used to identify up to 120 pairs of crypto coins. More pairs will soon be available. ROLA’s real-time news feed keeps members informed about crypto pairs. The crypto pair feed allows users to see the votes of the community and the signal and can track the price change for their preferred coin. ROLA (reiterative openlearning algorithm) is inert, meaning it continuously absorbs wisdom from the community. The Meta AI engines’ base layer gains market data knowledge, then makes improvements. The second layer gathers forecasts from users and user voices to derive insights.

The AI ​​accumulates and evolves as more predictive inputs are ingested into the ecosystem as ROLA’s social community and network grow, providing better insights to users. We created a feedback loop that allows the community to inform an AI. This then aids the community.

Game-fi – Prediction to Earn Gaming Ecosystem

ROLA created Predict-To Earn games as a way to encourage user interaction and engagement. Community members can challenge and enjoy other Rolarians through meme wars, and other games.

Predict2Earn is built on the idea of the “play-to-earn” game model. Users are incentivized to play their games. By making prediction on the top cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, users in the ROLA ecosystem can earn $ROLA tokens. Predictions are divided into 3 sessions that last 8 hours each. User predictions close 1 hour before the session ends.

Users need to predict whether the 8-hour session will end in green or red, which symbolizes the trade’s candlestick pattern. Based on participation rates, number of participants and close prediction of the outcome, the reward will be calculated. If too many people vote to confirm the prediction, a random draw will be held. Rolagram NFTs are also given to all participants who participate in the contest.

Social-fi – The Social Media App

This social media app lets users browse and discuss the latest crypto trends. ROLA will offer a subscription service where community members will be able to access detailed cryptocurrency analysis and trading advice.

You can join the paid Alpha channel (to be added after launch) to get in touch and interact with KOLs. You can also join the public channel where you can share your valuable insight and discuss new projects.


ROLA created a unique NFT-ROLAGRAM hologram to reward participants for participating and their activity during the month. The NFT, which is unique to each user, is based on user activities. It takes into account information such as Inputs from their voting, engagement, and monthly activities to create Rolagram

At the end of each month, users receive one unique-designed NFT. Users can also cash in $ROLA tokens for a second NFT. Soon after launch, the company plans to make NFTs available for trade. The unique metaverse experience is also more accessible to users.

ROLAVERSE Offers True Meta Experiences to Users

ROLA, an AI-based crypto-community, is a first. The community aims at building a social and connected community that uses all Metaverse features, such as GameFi and NFTs. The community strives to be socially connected and transcends traditional profit metrics.

The user can enjoy the decentralized, authentic experience of a metaverse in which users can interact using Social-fi. Users can participate in games or earn rewards for staking $ROLA tokens. The platform also allows users to create a customized NFT.

For wrapping it up

ROLA, a social platform of the future that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide signals to users about crypto pairs. In return it learns from user feedback and votes. ROLA also offers AI-based recommendations and Gamified Predictions of future price movements.

As Rosalind Lee, the Chief Product Officer of ROLA mentioned “ROLA aims to build a rewarding community that is truly ‘WAGMI’. We are in it together and we all improve together.”

ROLA ecosystem (Reiterative Online Learning Algorithm), aims to build a connected and dynamic community. The ROLA ecosystem is a complete (A.I.). ecosystem, it adapts to the community’s collective wisdom and reciprocates enhanced and tailor-made information to the community to benefit the “Rolarians.” By utilizing the reiterative deep learning model and the web 3.0 framework, ROLA gives you insights and inputs that enhance the intelligence of your ROLA pet. ROLA is on Facebook TwitterAnd DiscordKeep up to date with industry news.




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