Right To Be Forgotten


The “right to be forgotten gdprAn essential component of complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation is the “” from the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is a set of legally binding rules that protect personal data from misuse and provides a uniform standard for data protection. If requested by the data subject, it requires the responsible person to securely and lawfully delete all personal data (images or data), completely and verifyably.

On May 25, 2018, the new regulations will take effect.

Art. 17 GDPR, which mainly includes deletion rights and obligations.

The “Data Protection Adaptation and Implementation Act EU (DSAnpUG EU) was amended (among others). Further regulations were added to the GDPR (rights of data erasure, data portability),

  • In order to make a data analysis report based on stored data that contains sensitive or personally identifiable information, an organization must identify such data. To meet this need, it takes a great deal of work.
  • Companies are required to submit reports right to be forgotten processData protection violation must be reported to the relevant data protection authority within 72 hour, i.e. to make them publicly.
  • It is also important to identify who has access to your personal data, and whether they have the right to authorize.
  •  If this data is no longer require for legal reason, it must be delete.
  • There are restrictions on accessing data in the EU via third country or international organisations. These limitations must not compromise the GDPR’s level of protection.

The first focus group meeting was held in Sorest, June with the participation 13 ANW Partners. It covered the topic of Data protection (EU–DSGVO). What is happening and how can it be used to win projects for my customers!

It was evident that the complicated topic is complex and requires clarification. There were lively discussions and a strong desire for meetings.

This focus group helps to clarify the data protection landscape and creates business opportunities with the BU Tech.

It provides a wide range of solutions for current requirements and more complex data protection innovations and supports the partner in providing security/data security solution or service. Right to be Forgotten Meaning.

Next focus group meeting for the IT security/data Protection focus group will be at the ANW Autumn Conference. All ANW Partner are welcome.