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Robert Kiyosaki (the famous author Rich Dad Poor Dad), has spoken out against World War Three. “Are you ready for World War III?” he asked, adding that “History shows wars are about energy: oil and coal.”

Robert Kiyosaki discusses World War III & the Energy Crisis

Robert Kiyosaki was the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Rich Dad Poor Dad was co-authored in 1997 by Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter and others. For six consecutive years, it has been a New York Times Best Seller List. The book has been translated into more than 51 languages in over 109 countries.

Kiyosaki had tweeted this week his appreciation to his 2.1million followers.

Are you up for World War III, or are you still in the dark? History shows wars are about energy: oil & coal.

“Hitler invaded countries like Romania for their oil & coal. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor when U.S. cut Japan from oil,” he further wrote. “Was the sabotage of Nord Stream pipeline [the] start of WWIII?”

The possibility of a third global war is becoming a growing concern. Russia claimed that Ukraine should be admitted to NATO if it wants to end the civil war in Ukraine.

In a follow-up tweet, the famous author opined: “Any idiot knows civilization runs on energy. Biden made the Keystone XL Pipeline his 1st act for 2020. Prices for oil rose from $30 per barrel to $130 Inflation up … poor and middle class crushed by inflation.”

Kiyosaki tweeted that he reiterated Sunday his call for investors to invest in gold, silver and bitcoin.

Why millions to be wiped out: People can see micro economics: food & fuel prices rising. Macro economics is not visible. Macro econ invisible. Macro econ invisible. Protect yourself. Buy gold, silver, bitcoin.

However, the famed author cautioned Thursday: “Gold, silver, bitcoin may protect your wealth … but not your income. Stock markets fall, the pension system crashes and there is more unemployment. A side job may bring you some income. You never know what your side hustle could become. You never know, your side hustle could become the next Amazon. You must be careful. Be aware.”

Kiyosaki’s predictions of doom have been in place for a while. He warned that the U.S. will collapse by January 2020 and advised his readers to purchase gold, silver, or bitcoin.

Last month, he warned that the end of fake money is here, urging people to “invest in real money,” naming the same aforementioned three investments. The Federal Reserve raising interest rates could lead to the destruction of the U.S. Economy, he warned.

This renowned author predicted the crash of all financial markets, real estate included, as well as stocks, bonds and gold. Later, however, he advised crypto investors to invest now before the greatest economic collapse in history.

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