Revuto Becomes First Cardano-Native Asset To List On Top-Tier Exchanges KuCoin and Simultaneously

Revuto user acquisition opens floodgates with listing on notable CEXs

 Revuto is a blockchain startup that allows users to easily manage and pay subscriptions using cryptocurrency. It has now announced listing its Cardano native REVU token on the top-tier central exchanges KuCoin, Retail investors will be able to purchase the token on either KuCoin or starting January 7th 2022 and become part of the Revuto Community.

Revuto is the first dApp on Cardano, designed to leverage Cardano’s native tokens and DeFi solutions to help users pay for their subscriptions and save money irrespective of the crypto market’s volatility. Revuto was the first to open a mobile wallet on Cardano after its successful public token sale. Moreover, the platform’s REVU token is also the first Cardano-native asset to secure simultaneous listings in two of the most prominent centralized exchanges.

Revuto saw rapid growth in 2021. It raised $10M within minutes of it’s first public sale. Over 3,000,000 people have signed up for the subscription management platform dApp. The Revuto dApp has seen more than 300,000. This makes it one of the most popular fintech startups worldwide.

Simpler Subscription Management

Revuto is a blockchain-based startup that aims simplifying subscription management for its users and giving them more control.

The Revuto team launched their Cardano dApp to further their mission. It allows users to pay their subscriptions (old and new), using cryptocurrency and DeFi services. Employing Revuto’s Cardano-native REVU token, users can pay their subscriptions at lower costs than debit and credit cards and stake the tokens to earn additional yield.

The Revuto team is launching their virtual debit card to enable users to manage their subscription seasonality and to pay their subscriptions using Cardano-native tokens. It also aims at introducing Defi services such as liquidity pools for borrowing and micro-lending.

Vedran Vukman is the CEO and cofounder of Revuto and comments on Revuto’s rapid growth. “We are proud to make history again with REVU, after being the first ICO, publishing the 1st Cardano lite wallet and breaking records with our growth – we are now the first to list on tier 1 CEXs, KuCoin and”

Vukman concludes “Our ethos is to work only with the best; to ensure our customers and investors enjoy the best products and returns. It may take longer, and is often the more difficult way – but it’s the right way to build long-term value.”


Image source: Revuto

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