Reid Lawrence, Helping Local LGBT Venues and Artists Be More Professional Online

Local queer-owned businesses can find it difficult to compete against large corporations. The reason for this is a lack in support, and the inability of accessing affordable services to help grow your business. However, Reid LawrenceYoung queer entrepreneur aims to provide affordable services for queer entrepreneurs and artists in the performing arts.

Reid Lawrence is an entrepreneur who has experience, qualifications and skills in industrial automation, videography and web development. In addition, Reid Lawrence has a degree that includes lighting design, theatrical production, and web development. Reid and his passion for queer communities and technical entrepreneurship have led to them providing affordable services to venues and artists.

What is Reid’s Job?

Reid was born in South Carolina. He wasn’t exposed to the gay scene or drag. He spent the majority of his time after college at a local gay bar. He didn’t drink, but they enjoyed the drag shows. Because they are frugal they realized how much they spent on the bar cover.

Reid started filming drag performers to get free entry on the guest list. The performers’ skills at taking well-lit videosTheir popularity made them very sought-after and soon they became a popular part of the club. Reid wanted to make a living from their talent. They started providing videography servicesDrag performers for an affordable price. The videos were shared on social media, and the performer was promoted.

Reid started creating websites for drag performers and queer artists that allowed them to market and promote their businesses online after they had achieved success. After realizing that web developers were expensive, Reid decided to offer the same services at a reasonable price to queer artists.

Sickening Event Management, Queer OwnedTicketing Platform

Reid founded an event management and ticketing platform in 2020. This platform was designed to make it affordable for LGBT venues and performers. Sickening Events is a white-label event platform that offers better service at a cheaper price than major event management and ticketing platforms like Eventbrite.

This local, queer-owned platform offers customizable services that are data-driven to clients. This allows queer artists and venues to showcase their brand and make money. Therefore, Sickening Events is the better alternative to  Eventbrite and other major platforms.

Sickening Events and Ticketing Platforms offer 30-50% greater features than Eventbrite. The platform also offers 30% greater value than the major ticketing sites. Sickening Events doesn’t charge any additional fees for marketing or subscriptions. Artists can make more from their events.

Reid doesn’t believe that people should pay more for their services. They are committed to providing better service at a reasonable price. This service helps queer venues and artists from being exploited while still allowing them access to high quality services.

Sickening Events supports artists and venues by providing a skilled support staff that ensures the event goes smoothly. The company provides marketing support and promotes events across various platforms at no additional cost. They have teamed up with to offer all Sickening Events for no extra charge.

Sickening Events, which is different from Eventbrite or other event management and ticketing platforms, allows for primary ticketing. does not own or sell customer data. Legally, major platforms own customer data. They can resell or remarket client lists for large profits. Sickening Events values the privacy and security of client data.

Sickening Events has unique ticketing and event management features which give it an advantage over other companies. They include individual, easy-to use websites for every event, virtual ticketing and administration, interactive seat selections, upgrades, transfer ticketing, season passes, series and timed entries, as well as multi-day or season passes.

Support for queer-owned local businesses is lacking. Large corporations don’t pay much attention to smaller businesses because they only care about their profits. Reid Lawrence, a queer member, and Sickening Events are committed to providing affordable services for LGBT venues and artists.