Reef Finance (REEF) Continues With Green Days; How Long With This Last?

  • REEF Price continues to demonstrate the market what it takes as the price trend in the green zone has continued for 2 consecutive days. 
  • REEF trades are above the key resistance when price breaks out from ranges holding over 8 or 20-day EMA.
  • REEF expects a retake of $0.01, which was the key resistance that was overcome and turned into support. 

Reef Finance’s price has shown its strength, with price movements showing double-digit gains over USDT (tether) in two consecutive days. As the crypto market looked promising, it was evident that the price of Reef Finance did not fall from its weekly low. The price moved out of its extended weekly range with the trending price rising to higher levels. Data from Binance

Reef Finance (REEF), Price Analysis on The Weekly Chart.

As most altcoins predicted, the crypto market saw some relief. With the recent rise in crypto asset prices, certain altcoins are still in range. 

REEF’s price in the past months was stocked in an assortment box because it could not rise with actual volume. REEF’s price continued to move between the region of $0.004 and $0.003 in a bid to break out and trend higher. 

With the long-range trend of altcoins looking positive, REEF’s price rose to $0.065 with strong volume. 

REEF offers a compelling use case. The price hit an all time high of $0.3 and then saw its value drop to $0.003.

With current structures, REEF’s price has been stable. If the relief status of the market continues for longer periods of time, we may see REEF reach $0.01.

Weekly resistance for the price of REEF – $0.01.

Weekly support for the price of REEF – $0.004.

Reef On the Daily (D) Price Analysis Chart

Source: ReefUSDT At| Source: REEFUSDT On

REEF’s daily price is showing strength. The price has risen 20% despite market price movements looking sluggish. REEF hit a low price of $0.003 on the day and then rallied to $0.005, where it was rejected by the exchange to $0.004-0.003 because price struggles to breakout.

After a breakout that was successful, REEF’s price rallied aggressively as the bulls took control, driving the price up to $0.0067.

REEF’s current price is $0.0053. This puts it just below the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of 8 and 20 days. Prices of REEF currently trade at $0.0050, $0.0048. These prices correspond to REEF’s 8- and 20-day EMA for REEF over the daily period. We could soon see $0.01 retest due to the strong price of REEF and possible price continuation.

Daily resistance for the REEF price – $0.00650.

Daily support for the REEF price – $0.005.

Featured Image from Zipmex. Charts from Tradingview

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