Rainmaker Games Announces Its Native Token $RAIN Is Staking on Rainmaker Platform

Rainmaker Games’ token $RAIN can be used to fund a platform called Rainmaker Games. This is an online marketplace that allows users around the globe to engage in pay-to-earn gaming in the easiest way. The reserve currently holds 25 million rain tokens. Those tokens are the ones that went unsold during the project’s fair token launch that took place via Copper Launch last month.

This reserve will be how token holders get paid to support the project and stake their tokens. But just because it’s starting out with 25 million tokens, doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way. As tokens vest, they will be unlocked by the Community Incentives reserve. This could increase the number of $RAIN tokens and stake pools.

Rainmaker Games is going to make it much easier for gamers to earn revenue while playing games and interacting with each other, and with staking now live, it’s going to reward even those that aren’t playing games but are clearly dedicated to supporting the platform.

It’s time to learn more about the $RAIN token, how to stake $RAIN tokens, and what the potential payout is for users.

The Two Staking Options That Put More $RAIN In User’s Wallets

Rainmaker Games offers two easy ways for users to stake $RAIN tokens. They offer single-side and liquidity pool (LP), staking options.

With single-side stakes, you can earn $RAIN

Users can deposit $RAIN straight into the staking pool to earn rewards in single-side staking. 20 percent of daily reward amounts from the staking pool are paid out to the pool. Users don’t have to do anything else to get that 20%.

You can also invest in liquidity pools.

LP Staking $RAIN Tokens

Rainmaker Games has used Uniswap V2 as its liquidity pool. After adding liquidity to the exchange, users can deposit RAINETH Uniswap LP coins. Anyone using a different version (V1 and V3) of Uniswap will not be eligible for staking rewards. Make sure you use V2. The Community Incentives reserves 80% of all staking rewards. This pool gets 80%.

Take a stake to make it $RAIN even more

Rainmaker Games’ staking initiative provides users with a linear bonus structure that multiplies the number of token rewards for stakers that lock in their tokens for a set period of time. Bonuses will increase the longer you stake your tokens.

Here’s a quick look at the bonus reward formula:

1. (standard weight). + 52 weeks locked = Time Waited Ratio.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the results the bonuses can yield for users:

  • There is no bonus— staker does not want to lock their tokens
  • 25x bonus— staker locks their tokens for a period of 13 weeks
  • 5.x Bonus— staker locks their tokens for a period of 26 weeks
  • 75x Bonus— staker locks their tokens for a period of 37 weeks
  • 2x Bonus— staker locks their tokens for a period of 52 weeks

Instructions on how to stake $RAIN

The first step to staking $RAIN is to simply log onto the project’s staking portal. Click the Connect button at the top right of the page to connect your MetaMask account. Soon, support for other wallets will be available.

The next step is to select the desired staking pool (make sure you’re using Uniswap V2). Users can view the details of each pool before clicking on the Stake button. After clicking the Stake button, a screen opens where users can select between locked-in or flexible options. You can earn more rewards by locking in, but you must give up some flexibility.

Rainmaker Games offers an in-depth guide on how to stake.

It’s about to be pouring $RAIN in the crypto gaming world. Gamers and interested stakers can join the revolution by staking tokens or by following the RAIN community on Telegram or the project’s website.


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