Quant (QNT) Price Defiles All Odds On A Bloody Day, Eyes $160

  • QNT prices remain strong over 50 and 200 EMA for a greater timeframe. 
  • QNT rises as the price of $160 is seen despite crypto’s bloodbath. 
  • In the week-to-week time frame, $144 is resistance. 

As the price of Quant (QNT), has shown an increase in price, it is now more bullish than tether(USDT). While Bitcoin (BTC), which pulled many altcoins, rallied from $19,000 up to an area of $20,000. The price of Quant (QNT), has proven its strength, despite the fact that it was rejected immediately from this region. (Data from Binance).

Quant (QNT) Shines Despite Bloodbath

Market Outlook | Source: QNT On Coin360.com

The price of QNT has continued to rise despite the massive drop in crypto prices with what appears to be a bloodbath. Many expect QNT to continue to do well once the market stabilizes. 

QNT continues to trade in a swinging trend over the long and short time frames, as QNT prices continue to fluctuate between highs and lowers. QNT is now looking at a $160 potential reclaim.

Quant (QNT), Price Analysis on The Weekly Chart 

QNT’s price recently rebounded from $46 at the low in the weekly price range, before rising to $130 and then declining to $87. This price support has been good for price selloffs on the weekly price range.

QNT’s price rose from $140 to break above the region. The price currently faces resistance at breaking up to $150-$160.

For QNT to move to the higher area, it must break through the $140 resistance. If rejected, the price will retest $87 support zone where QNT demand has been generated.

Weekly resistance for the price of QNT – $140.

Weekly support for the price of QNT – $87.

Pricing Analysis For QNT on The Daily (1D-) Chart

Quota Daily Price Chart | Source: QNTUSDT On Tradingview.com

QNT’s daily performance was strong despite the rejection of $150. The price held firm and maintained its bullish structure. 

QNT could break through $150 if the price continues to rise above the trendline support that it formed daily.

QNT prices trade at $137 more than the 50 Exponential moving average (EMA) QNT prices at $106 are supported by the 50 EMA.

QNT’s price could fall below $106, which will cause it to retest the lower regions. This would also invalidate the bullish setup that was $20.

Daily resistance for the QNT price – $150-$160.

Daily support for the QNT price – $106.

Featured Image from zipmex. Charts by Tradingview. Coin360

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