Price Surge Puts Majority Of Ethereum Investors In Profit

In 2022, Ethereum investors experienced a rollercoaster ride. The year has seen it both succeed in certain aspects, and be gut-wrenching for others. Following a trend in the lower $1,000s for some time, Ethereum had reached two-month highs thanks to the cryptocurrency market rally. There was then a significant increase in investors actually earning a profit on their investments.

57% of Investors Are in Profit

The profitability of Ethereum has over the years been an important bull case. The cryptocurrency is still one of the most profitable assets, despite the brutal crypto winter. Investors are seeing higher than average profits and the currency continues to be one of the top-performing investments.

According to data from IntoTheBlock, 57% of all ETH wallets currently see profit at the current price. This is a significant advantage over the rest of the market that sees most holders fall into loss due to current price fluctuations. About 40% of all investors are in this loss zone, while only 3% remain in neutral. The neutral 3% refers to those who have their tokens purchased at the same price as they are now sitting.

Ethereum holders in profit

57% of ETH owners are in profit| Source: IntoTheBlock

All of these factors are important because the IntoTheBlock data shows a significant correlation between token holding time and profit margin. 65% of ETH-investors have had their coins more than a year. These investors are most likely to earn profit.

However, short-term owners are still likely to make a profit even though the current price has risen significantly from a few month ago. However, bulls still tend to favor long-term owners being more likely than short-term ones making a profit.

Ethereum has More to Offer

Ethereum’s position is currently at $1,500. This puts it in close proximity to the local peak of $1,600. The market’s bullish dominance is evident at this level, which could mean more upside over the near term. This is Ethereum, and not the entire market.

Ethereum price chart from

Price of Ethereum rises to $1,600| Source: ETHUSD on

Market volatility is likely to be a result of the FOMC meeting, which will soon take place in full swing. You can see that volatility could be on the side or the other, but it is more likely during this period due to rising inflation rates.

Nonetheless, ETH owners still have strong sentiment. The ETH price is currently above the 100-day moving mean, effectively beating back sellers. The short- to medium term sentiment is strongly in favor of hold, which implies that any downturn will be met by strong support at $1500.

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