Phemex to List Smooth Love Potion (SLP) As Their Latest Metaverse Endeavor

Phemex, a crypto trading and investment platform, is working hard to fulfill its mission of supporting the metaverse. Phemex, a full-service cryptocurrency exchange launched its services in 2019. It already has a number of tools. Phemex has already reached 100 spot and contract pairs in a very short time. Phemex continues its support for metaverses by listing SLP (an Axie Infinity token) on the platform. Phemex will also host a Metaverse edition to their Grab a Coin Campaign, where participants can win SLP.

The platform’s latest “Choose Your Reality” campaign kicked off its focus on metaverse-related projects. Phemex now lists Smooth Love Potion, an Axie-powered token powered by Smooth Infinity (SLP). The move comes after Phemex already introduced support for two other metaverse-based tokens in recent months: native Axie Infinity platform token AXS, and Decentraland’s MANA token. Phemex Academy also hosts a detailed brief on Axie infinity, which includes a virtual reality GameFi product.

The announcement to support SLP shows Phemex’s prolonged interest in metaverse-based products and platforms. The ERC-20 token SLP, which can be obtained by winning Axie Infinity battles and playing Axie infinity, is earned from Phemex. This token can also be used for breeding new Axies. Axie Infinity players can use SLP to earn incentives. SLP may also be used for buying and selling items beyond Axie Infinity. SLP could only be earned previously through in-game battles. Phemex’s increased availability of SLP will enable the Axie community to flourish and grow even more.

Axie Infinity has served as the ‘face’ of play-to-earn thus far, as the landscape continues to grow and expand. Axie Infinity was able to grow tremendously in 2021, as well as many other metaverse play-to-earn or earn products. This is good news for our digital worlds, which are constantly evolving. Phemex, through its SLP listing, clearly believes in the emergence and evolution of the metaverse as well as relevant initiatives such as GameFi, Play-to-earn, NFTs, and GameFi.



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