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Three trademark applications were filed by Western Union, and Paypal for financial services. They cover a variety of crypto-related services. Paypal’s applications are also for the payments giant’s logo.

Paypal’s New Trademark Filings for Crypto Services

Paypal Inc. filed three trademark applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Mike Kondoudis (a USPTO licensed trademark attorney), has filed three new applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). tweeted Monday:

Paypal has filed trademark applications for Paypal and its ‘overlapping Ps’ logo. The apps claim plans for exchanging, trading, and processing transfers of blockchain + digital assets, crypto + digital + virtual currencies … and more.

Filed on Oct. 18, the applications’ serial numbers are 97636933, 97636892, and 97636857.

An excerpt from one of the trademark applications explains that the trademark covers “downloadable software for sending, receiving, accepting, buying, selling, storing, transmitting, trading and exchanging digital currency, virtual currency, cryptocurrency, stablecoins, digital and blockchain assets, digitized assets, digital tokens, crypto tokens, and utility tokens.”

Paypal’s cryptocurrency platform allows customers in the U.S. and U.S. territories (excluding Hawaii) to transact with four different cryptocurrencies: bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC), and bitcoin cash (BCH). Recently, the payments company allowed users to send crypto to other exchanges or wallets. Paypal came under fire earlier in the month after people noticed it had changed its terms of services and were able to penalize customers with $2,500 each for spreading misinformation. It was later claimed by the company that this was an error.

Western Union Files Three Trademark Application for Crypto Services

Kondoudis reports Tuesday that Western Union, a financial services company filed three trademark applications the same day Paypal. He wrote:

Western Union has filed 3 trademark applications claiming plans for financial + banking + insurance, virtual currency exchange + transfer, commodity and crypto trading + brokerage, issuing tokens of value … and much more.

The serial numbers for Western Union’s applications are 97641189, 97641182, and 97641176.

Numerous companies are filing trademark applications with the USPTO for crypto and metaverse-related products. Earlier this month, Formula One filed eight trademark applications for “F1” covering many crypto and metaverse products and services. Last month, Ford also filed 19 trademark applications. Ebay and Meta from Facebook filed two each in June. Mastercard also filed 15 similar trademark applications in April.

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