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PRESS RELEASE.Panther continues to push towards decentralization in our protocol starting Day 1 at LaunchDAO. This is the first private and decentralized project launch. Now, the team has announced a new exciting partnership.

Panther Protocol has partnered with ShapeShift. ShapeShift is an industry legend. ShapeShift took bold steps to transform itself from being an exchange broker into a crypto management platform. They also announced their full decentralization.

Integrating ShapeShift with Panther will allow for better privacy protection and data security for DeFi users. ShapeShift’s APIs, digital assets, platforms and platforms are a key pillar of Decentralized Finance. They will work with Panther to provide the highest level of privacy, efficiency, protection and privacy for consumers. Both teams will collaborate on research, deployment of privacy tools, and for ShapeShift users to participate in Panther’s staking program and governance.

The technical collaboration between both teams will also enable liquidity provisioning to Pather’s Multi-Asset Shielded Pools.

The partnership was discussed. Willy Ogorzaly (ex-Principal Product Manager, ShapeShift) commented: “Panther’s mission to bring privacy and interoperability to DeFi protocols across chains aligns closely with the mission of ShapeShift DAO. We look forward to partnering with Panther to give ShapeShift users access to unprecedented levels of privacy in their DeFi journeys.”

To this, Panther Protocol’s CEO and co-Founder, Oliver Gale, added: “ShapeShift was a leader in building a self-sovereign DEX infrastructure. ShapeShift is a key step in the realization of the goal of decentralized exchange service. Panther hopes to offer zAsset swaps for ShapeShift members with compliance option..”

The Shapeshift Project:

ShapeShift pioneered self-custody in digital asset trading since 2014. The company’s web and mobile platforms allow users around the world to safely buy, hold, trade and interact with digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. provides more information.

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The Panther Protocol

Panther connects all blockchains and restores privacy in Web3 or DeFi. It also provides financial institutions an easy path to participate compliantly in the digital asset markets.

Panther gives DeFi users fully secured privacy-enhancing digital asset that is completely protected, using crypto-economic incentives and zkSNARKs. You can make zero-knowledge ZAssets for users by depositing digital assets in any Blockchain into Panther vaults. Private metastrate and an interchain privacy DEX allow for zAssets transfer across all blockchains. Panther sees zAssets as an asset class that will continue to grow for users who wish their strategies and transactions to be private.

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