Origin of Species Will Change Your Mind About NFT Gaming

While NFT gaming is a new aspect of blockchain gaming, it can now be seen as an integral part of blockchain-based games.

NFT gaming attracts a wide range of gamers because they offer the opportunity to make money. There were many game streamers earning hundreds of thousands of dollars each week from participating in NFT games in 2021.

Because most of these games were created during the bull markets, the token prices of their tokens soared along with the gaming earnings. The crypto market is now in a bear market, so these NFT-games are being tested.

Gamers have lost interest as prices plummeted. Many games which were popular because of their rising token prices now face severe declines in popularity. Interest in large players like AxieInfinity has dropped significantly over this period. NFT gaming has been characterized by more innovation than a focus on token price. If these games want to survive the bear market, this is what they should do.

It is not important to focus on token price

Existing blockchain games have a problem because the whole gaming ecosystem’s value is dependent on their token price. If the token price is increasing, there’s a lot more interest. But if it drops, people leave. This model cannot be sustained, as industry professionals have compared it to Ponzi schemes. They need to continue to attract new players.

Such models will only be attractive to gamers who care little about the value of their tokens. This has led to a mass exodus in crypto’s gaming industry, as it has been greeted by another bear market.

One new entry into the NFT gaming industry has taken initiative to solve the current problems. Cradles Origin of Species, a blockchain-based game, focuses more on the community and innovation than token prices. The game will offer NFT gaming new capabilities that are not available elsewhere, and it will aim to surpass the problematic models used by other blockchain games.

What makes Cradles different?

Origin of Species is more focused on innovation than token pricing. Cradles: Origin of Species focuses in part on keeping its community interested and engaged. The creators introduced new metaverse gaming experiences by adopting a gamers-first approach. They include popular features of the play-2 earn ecosystem as well as new metaverse features which make it more than a virtual reality gaming environment. The Cradles Origin of Species team introduced the EIP-3664 proposal to create a new type NFT.

EIP-3664 is following in the ERC-20’s footsteps by providing revolutionary new features for how tokens can be created. EIP-3664 is different from ERC-721 and other current token standards for NFTs. It has several new attributes which allow various types of non-fungible elements. EIP-3664 allows players to add or remove parts from their NFTs and also give them new traits. This will allow for continuous, dynamic gameplay unlike other NFTs which are fixed and cannot be changed.

Smart contracts can fully represent props, characters, and operations of EIP-3664 games. This encourages new gameplay, expands NFTs and creates a more diverse gaming experience.

Do not play to earn.

Cradles’ gamer-first strategy has seen it move away from the traditional play-to-earn model and bring players towards the new world of play and earn. It helps players shift their focus from earning tokens to the actual enjoyment of playing the game. The tokens that gamers earn are an additional incentive to play the game as they go, and not their primary motivation.

The game is also the first to offer a subscription. It allows players to instantly play the game and not have to spend any NFTs. A monthly card allows users to play in Cradles and earn points for the entire month.

Transaction fees are also waived for transactions that are small. These transactions are between peers and players. There is an additional tax for transactions that involve more valuable goods.

Staking Into NFTs

Cradles: Origin of Species users do not need to invest a lot of money in order to play Cradles. This is made possible by the Staking Into NFTs(SIN) feature of the game.

Users can stake in NFTs held by professional players or steamers. So if a player does not have access to a powerful weapon in the game and a streamer does, they can stake their tokens into the streamer’s NFT to help boost the power of the weapon. This grants the streamer an advantage over their opponents and allows them to claim victory. They also win prizes which are divided between those who staked in their NFT.

Cradles: Origin of Species also allows players to create in-game items. The game does not require external NFTs to be purchased before players enter it. Players are free to trade or move with other people thanks in part the decentralized inventory.

Cradles has raised $5 million through a private round of funding to help expand its metaverse. Animoca Brands is backing the game, along with Signum Capital and Huobi Global.

Cradles Origin of Species stands out among all blockchain games because of its innovative approach. The game’s value is separated from its token price. It ensures that everyone in the community can participate regardless of what happens to the price. It is a complete game which kickstarts evolution in the metaverse.



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