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The Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) has published a specially designated nationals list update (OFAC’s SDN List) that lists a number of individuals accused of being involved with Iran-related ransomware. Seven bitcoin addresses are also listed on the list that have been allegedly linked to the Iranian ransomware group.

Iran adds seven new bitcoin addresses to the SDN List following the Tornado Cash Ban

Following the Treasury’s Office watchdog OFAC banning the ethereum mixer Tornado Cash, OFAC published a new SDN List update on September 14, 2022. Two companies were named and ten others are listed in the SDN List Update. They have been accused of financing ransomware programs that originate from Iran.

OFAC had previously accused North Korean groups like the Lazarus Group, of taking part in ransomware attacks. “This IRGC-affiliated group is known to exploit software vulnerabilities in order to carry out their ransomware activities, as well as engage in unauthorized computer access, data exfiltration, and other malicious cyber activities,” OFAC’s SDN List announcement states on Wednesday.

Additionally to the 10 individuals listed and the 2 companies, there are seven BTC addresses. Some addresses listed in the OFAC reports have not received one BTC deposit. Other addresses have received BTC, like this one, that’s allegedly associated with an Iranian named Ahmad Khatibi Aghada, as the address once held 0.2931 BTC.

The September 14 SDN update is not the only update that lists “cyber-related designations, [and]The last two weeks have seen Iran-related designations. OFAC published an amendment to cyber-related designations on September 2, and two “Iran-related designations” on September 8 and 9, 2022. The update published on Wednesday is the only “Iran-related designations” update that contains newly added BTC addresses.

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