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Nokia is one of the original companies to produce a mobile phone that meets consumer standards. The use of VR headsets and AR glasses will enable users to engage in multiple activities. The industrial use of these headsets will be important.

Nokia predicts that the mobile phone will fall in favor of the metaverse

Nokia was one of the original manufacturers of a mobile phone system. Although phones are still available, the main form of communication will change to metaverse experiences in the second decade.

Nokia thinks that Augmented Reality devices still have a long way to go. However, Nokia expects that the public will become more interested in these devices. This will drive this metaverse push. Nokia’s chief strategy and technology officer Nishant Batra is confident about this. He said:

This device is believed to be destroyed by metaverse experiences in the second half if the decade ends.

But there are several factors that must be aligned for this metaverse-based future to come to fruition, per Batra’s statements.

Keys for Nokia’s Digital Future

Nokia is optimistic that this new digital-based world of the consumer will be a reality. It believes it depends on several factors. Companies like Meta have been pushing for the creation and expansion of the metaverse. As the CEO has said before, people are more concerned about form and price than institutions. He explained:

It will take widespread adoption from consumers and corporations for the technology to succeed. This will depend on affordable and ergonomically connected VR/AR devices.

This is why the prices of popular metaverse headsets has increased in recent months. In July, Meta raised its base Headset’s price to $400. The company introduced the Quest Pro VR premium option earlier this month at a cost of $1,500.

It will prove difficult to monetize the metaverse because of fragmentation. The company thinks that there will be different uses for metaverse experiences. Because some of these use cases have already been explored, industrial adoption should be much easier.

Nokia anticipates security problems from all of this connectivity, so the company works to make sure users are protected in the metaverse.

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