Nine Chronicles and its NFT project, D:CC

NFTs have become a rage. NFTs used in games is one of their most common uses. Many industries use NFTs, such as music and sports. The NFTs could change the way users communicate with one another within and outside of gaming. Let’s find out how the top projects in the blockchain industry are leveraging NFTs and more about the Nine Chronicles NFT project.

What is the Gaming Industry doing with NFTs

There are many uses for game NFTs. One, they allow you to verify ownership of your in-game assets. These could be the sword that a player has made, their character, or an artifact they found during play. They are immutable and stored on the Blockchain. Players have the ability to sell them or transfer them.

This means that players who lose their game will be unable to play the game again. But that doesn’t happen here. The game-based NFTs will instead be part of blockchain. Players can access the NFTs that they have, regardless of their status.

These in-game assets can be easily verified and proven to be authentic and rare because they are kept on the blockchain. The price for rare NFTs is higher than the common.

Finally, decentralized games that work with NFTs can be interoperable. Traditional games limit the use of in-game purchase to that particular game. In the case decentralized games however, assets may be transferred to other games.

Platforms decentralized using NFTs

There are many platforms and games in the blockchain industry that use NFTs to accomplish multiple purposes, in addition to their in-game assets.  While there are many platforms leveraging NFTs and their capabilities,  three notable organizations are using NFTs across their platforms: Sandbox, Decentraland, and Silks. Sandbox is an open-source, decentralized space in which people can create, buy, or sell land. These NFTs can be used to create ASSETs, which are in-game items. These ASSETs can be purchased from the metaverse, or created using the VoxEdit tool. Decentraland allows users to interact with elements in-game and is a similar space within the metaverse.

Silks is a metaverse play-to earn game with a wealth of virtual assets that can all be converted into NFTs. Both the avatars of players and horses used for play are NFTs. These NFTs can be traded and transferred on the blockchain.

Nine Chronicles and the NFT Project “D:CC”

Nine Chronicles’ NFT project De-Centralized Cat (D.CC) was recently launched by the company. These PFPs provide players with a different identity within the multiverse, governed by the true Cosmic Cat God The Grrreat. Additionally, every NFT gives its holders special perks and in game utilities.

Sangmi Seon, an Art Director/NFT Creative Director who has more than a decade of gaming experience at the top companies such as Nexon or Capcom, designed these NFTs.

Nine Chronicles recently revealed the date for NFT minting as 21 September. This will allow them to receive rewards, benefits and exclusive in-game merchandise. The total number of NFTs available is 3000. Two-hundred and eighty thousand NFTs will be issued to those who are accepted in the Pionyan programmes. The team will also receive 200.

NFT owners automatically become D:CC members. In addition to the in-game advantages, NFT owners will automatically become members of the D:CC. They also have governance rights that they can use for future decisions.




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