NFT Gamification and the Future of the Gaming Industry

NFT’s are the latest utility of blockchain technology that has taken the world by storm. It is disrupting many areas, including art, sports collectibles and gaming as well as real estate. NFT gaming is booming and will be the next big thing in gaming.

NFTs became popular in 2017 when CryptoPunks ran a giveaway. The Crypto Kitties game was also the first to use NFTs. Crypto Kitties did not succeed as it was an early model with weak underlying architecture.

The NFT gaming market is changing. Several projects offer gamers the opportunity to play games and earn cryptocurrency. Werewolf, one of the most recent additions in the NFT Gaming industry, is the most important. Werewolf, a cryptocurrency exchange that supports DeFi is unique. The Werewolf project is named after the popular myth of a hybrid between wolves and humans.

Werewolf Protocol leverages blockchain technology to create cryptocurrency. The ecosystem includes various finance-based apps, including a Decentralized Exchange, a Staking mechanism (NFT Marketplace), Finance Gaming, and many more. WWC, a utility token that is used to manage the ecosystem’s governance, powers the Werewolf Coin.

NFT Gaming in conjunction with Werewolf

Werewolf designed an FPS in accordance with the mythologies surrounding werewolves. It’s about living as a werewolf within a pack. Excitingly, the game demonstrates how the pack is an important survival tool for werewolves. To provide both an enjoyable and challenging gaming experience, the game’s brutality and dysfunctionality is a great fit. Alpha, the fearless leader of the pack, can create their betas via the blockchain.

Blockchain allows for tokenization, making it a valuable building block in a decentralized game asset market as created by The Werewolf Protocol.

Below are some benefits to NFT gaming.

  • Users can use NFTs to purchase or earn in-game assets. These assets are stored on the blockchain and protected by copyright.
  • To create additional income, these NFTs may be purchased or staked.
  • Fun NFT games have a more play-to earn model, where players get rewarded for their effort.

Werewolf protocol’s decentralized game brings together all of its functions in one location, while adding the excitement of playing as werewolves. To learn more about the Werewolf protocol, visit


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