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Coin 98 Analytics has revealed that Gameta is now the most popular gamefi project, having gained 1.85million subscribers in September. The data also shows that the top five gamefi projects alone accounted for more than 70% of September’s total gamefi subscribers in the top 20.

The Most In-demand Projects on the BNB Chain

According to Coin 98 Analytics’ latest rankingsGameta (a Web3 gaming platform) topped the list as the most prominent gamefi project with 1.85million subscribers on September 28, 2022. The project’s phenomenal rise to the top spot means Gameta, which reportedly began September with 80,000 active daily users, now has subscribers that dwarf those of the more established gaming platform Axie Infinity.

New Study Names Gameta as the Gamefi Project With Highest Monthly Subscribers

Gameta had already been named as the leading gamefi-project by the BNB Chain, before it was revealed that they were the number one project. “Gameta [is]BNB Chain’s number one game. I’m keeping an eye on this project, very promising. Also, I love the NFT. [non-fungible token] art, it’s so clean,” one Twitter user wrote.

Axie Infinity outside the Top Five

Alien Worlds, which touts itself as the number one blockchain game, occupies the second spot in Coin 98 Analytics’ latest top 20 rankings, with 759,000 subscribers. Solitaire Blitz came in third with 465,000 subscribers. Benji Bananas was fourth with 407,000 subscribers.

With 334,000 monthly subscribers by September 28, Splinterlands — a blockchain-backed trading card game — is the fifth-highest ranked gamefi project according to Coin 98 Analytics data.

Despite being the gaming platform with one of the largest market capitalizations — $1.1 billion — Axie Infinity’s 280,000 subscribers means it occupies the sixth spot.

Coin 98 Analytics data shows that the top five gamesfi projects make up more than 70%, and the lowest ten together account for less then 10%.

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