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At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, multinational computer networking company Netgear, based in San Jose, California, showcased the company’s Meural digital art frames. Netgear announces that they have added NFT tech support and the Metamask Web3 wallet can sync with it.

Netgear Adds NFT Support to Meural’s Digital Art Platform

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are very popular and it doesn’t seem like the trend is going away any time soon. There are four NFT collection that have market value of billions. These include projects such as Axie Infinity and Cryptopunks. Single NFTs also have been sold by artists such as Beeple, Pak and Xcopy for millions. Netgear, the multinational computer networking company founded in 1996, has noticed the NFT trend and the company’s Meural digital art frame will support the technology.

Poppy Simpson (head of product and content at Netgear Meural), stated that NFT users will now be able connect to Meural with their Metamask wallets following the announcement made at CES. Meural was acquired by Netgear in 2018. It sells 13.5×7.5 inch displays as well as digital frames measuring 16×24 inches and 19×29 inches, respectively. Simpson explained further to, that NFT support was for Meural-type devices.

“It’s doing what Meural has always wanted to do, which is foster communication and community around visual culture,” Simpson remarked in the interview. “This new feature is particularly aimed at those people who buy the frame to display their personal memories.”

Samsung Fuels Competition With NFT TV, Netgear’s Previous Partnership With Async Art Hinted at Meural NFT Support

Netgear’s entry into the NFT industry follows a recent NFT-related announcement from Samsung Electronics. On Monday, Samsung introduced the world’s first television-based NFT platform which will allow NFT owners to showcase their digital art from their smart TV. “With demand for NFTs on the rise, the need for a solution to today’s fragmented viewing and purchasing landscape has never been greater,” the company explained to the press. Since 2020, Samsung has also been manufacturing hybrid digital frames called “The Frame.”

Presently, Netgear’s Meural NFT support is in beta, according to The Verge reporter Alice Newcome-Beill. Netgear further detailed that the beta NFT service and integration with the Metamask wallet is “starting in January.” The recent announcement detailing that Meural will support NFTs is not Netgear’s first foray into the NFT industry. In July, Netgear revealed a partnership with Async Art “to add dynamic, programmable NFTs to the Meural Library.”

“From its inception, the Meural platform has been building solutions for digital art, artists, photographers and collectors,” Simpson said in a statement concerning the Async Art partnership. “NFTs are the latest innovation in a world where the Meural display and content platform is the undisputed leader, and this exciting partnership with Async is another step towards driving forward to a new era of art appreciation.”

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