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Microsoft, the global software and computing giant, wants to make part of its service platform available to the metaverse. Microsoft UAE’s CMO, Ihsan Anabtawi stated that Microsoft was striving to integrate its cloud service with the metaverse and allow users to access the data to create their own applications.

Microsoft prepares for the Metaverse Era

Microsoft, the largest software company in the world is one that sees the metaverse as part of a digital tomorrow for both consumers and for institutions. Ihsan Anabtawi, Microsoft UAE CMO, spoke out about the plans and the company’s considerations in relation to the metaverse.

Anabtawi sees the metaverse as inevitable. It is a natural event that will complement and enhance the current internet. He said:

The metaverse should be viewed as the next stage in the evolution and development of the internet. It began in 2000 and 1990s as an internet for data. In 2010s it became the internet to people. Now, it is the internet to things.

Microsoft has begun to bridge its cloud divisions and provide multiple metaverse experiences to enable companies and consumers to create rich applications.

Microsoft’s Metaverse Activities

Microsoft wants to increase the number of users in the metaverse and is actively investing to ensure that this becomes a long-term reality. Anabtawi stated that this is more than a company trend. He declared:

This isn’t a short-term investment; this is bringing the full power of our work across several areas to enable the future of computing in the metaverse for business and consumers.

A part of this commitment is the Hololens 2 headset that the company offers. It will let other companies produce holographic prototypes as well as different calculations, which can be used to, for example, design a product prior to mass production. In this sense, Microsoft’s cloud division would provide the analytics, data, and artificial intelligence needed for this task as part of its backend.

Microsoft also has been very active in the consumer sector. Microsoft launched Mesh in November as a metaverse feature to its Teams app. It allows digital avatars to be used during calls. Microsoft was also part of the Metaverse Standard Forum’s establishment of metaverse standards, which launched in June.

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