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PRICE RELEASE MetaGods, the world’s first play-to-earn 8-bit action role-playing game built on the blockchain, has raised $3 million USD in funding from supporting investors. Many investors and partners are supporting the project to bring together blockchain technology with the rapidly growing gaming industry to transform the market for non-fungible tokens.

MetaGods is the world’s first blockchain-based 8-bit action RPG. MetaGods will allow players to create their own avatars, based on mythologies, and gain unique skills and characters. In addition to fighting dangerous monsters, the MetaGods blockchain will enable players to trade virtual goods for cryptocurrency – giving them a chance to earn something real from their adventures in a digital world.

The project is grateful for its incredible investors: Hashed, Mr Beast, ABV, Cinchblock, BoxMining, Faculty Capital, Raptor Capital, CoinUnited, Magnus Capital, Banter Capital & Icetea Labs for their support.

MetaGods was able to gain industry recognition from this remarkable group of investors, which has allowed them to take their next steps. MetaGods will use the funds to improve their game, and create a platform that is well-rounded for their community.

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MetaGods 8-bit action RPG lets players battle the gods to earn their ascension. The union of titans, mortals and demigods creates each character NFT. Together, they will fight great bosses and slowly become true gods.

It uses a dual token system. Two tokens are used to fund the game: $MGOD (or $RELIC). The governance token $MGOD can be used for special events and may also serve as an entry token. $RELIC, an in-game currency which can be earned to support the MetaGods play-to-earn system.

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