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Meta, Microsoft, 31 companies, have merged to establish an organisation to encourage the establishment of open standards in metaverse tech. Metaverse Standards Forum is the name of this new institution. It will work to establish standards that make all metaverses interoperable on the internet, which should allow these universes to interact.

Metaverse Standard Forum Born

Although the metaverse can be interpreted and built by each company according to their own needs, others believe it important to link these worlds. Meta, Microsoft, Epic, and others like Epic have come together to form the Metaverse Standards Forum. This forum promotes interoperability among these metaverses.

According to the PR statement for launch:

[The body]This project will be pragmatic and action-based and include hackathons and plugfests as well as open-source software. It will accelerate testing and adoption metaverse standards.

It will not establish standards on its own. It will serve as a platform for the amalgamation and development of standards in various fields, including graphics, interaction, VR, and graphics.

Some see the creation of this group as an indication of the agreement in these companies about the need to create open standards for the metaverse. Neil Trevett is the president of Khronos (an organization which is part of this group) and stated that:

Multi-technology will be brought together in the metaverse, which requires a set of interoperable standards that are maintained and created by many standard organizations.

Some Important Absences

Although the group claims that they are an open group, accessible to all groups without charge, some prominent names have yet not joined the group. Apple is the largest tech company in the world that has an interest in VR (augmented reality), technology. However, the group still does not include this giant. Roblox and other gaming-based metaverses have not yet joined the forum.

Experts say that this proves that, even if an organization promotes standards, standardizing the metaverse or grouping of metaverse worlds will not be easy given the variety of platforms that work towards it.

Let us know your thoughts about creating the first standardization organization for the metaverse. Comment below.

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