Memes are Moving from the Cryptoverse to the Metaverse

The core of decentralization has always been and will remain a community-driven revolution for money and culture. Bitcoin has been an important player in that movement. Dogecoin emerged as a meme currency after the introduction of cryptocurrency. This was primarily to entertain investors who purchased crypto, despite not having a good understanding of it. Ironically, Dogecoin has grown to become the most popular cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

Once Dogecoin emerged as a trend it rapidly spread into popular culture and with its widespread success, several tokens based on dog breeds were been created, including Shiba Inu, Baby Shiba Inu, and Floki Inu – named after Elon Musk’s pet.

Coinbase Commerce now accepts Dogecoin as a payment method. This opens the door to traditional utility and the Metaverse is growing. Users can use many cryptocurrencies including meme coins for payment in different ecosystems. Meme coins are finally possible thanks to the power and flexibility of artificial intelligence.

Kitty Inu ($KITTY), an upcoming space pioneer, launched a Fair Launch at the Fair Launch of October 24, 2021. Kitty Inu is a cute meme featuring a cat dressed up as a dog, apparently so that she can compete with big dogs. Kitty Inu’s female-led team is made up of industry veterans who quickly laid out their plans and began to embark on ambitious projects. This was especially important considering the microcap status.

The $kitty token will be the native currency of an NFT based Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn racing game, KittyKart, being built on the Ethereum blockchain where players race karts to “mine” NFT assets.  Using NFT assets that have been mined will give you skillset enhancements or visual improvements.  Assets will have the ability to be “mined” (earned) through gameplay or bought and sold on the secondary market via the in-game marketplace. KittyKart’s preview trailer shows that it will have a colorful, serious and playful design. It was inspired by past favorite Mario Kart games like Crash Bandicoot.  Further broadening the game’s appeal, Team Kitty has been acquiring popular NFTs, the likes of a Bored Ape, a Deadfellaz, and Rumblekong to name a few, for use to populate the game with characters that will be inclusive of the larger community. Kitty Kart’s beta release is scheduled for the middle of January 2022.

Kitty Inu also has a partnership agreement with The Culture Dao ($CULTUR), a decentralized Web3 Pixar/Virtual Beings Development Guild, founded by Emmy winner Edward Saatchi (founder and cofounder of Fable Studios) and Anna Nevison M.S. Blockchain developer. Kitty Inu will be helping to develop an Artificially Intelligent Kitty Virtual Being.  AI Kitty would tap into an array of data from sources such as news & world events, cities, communities, social media, facial analysis, and Google trends to teach her to feel.  AI Kitty will empathize at multiple levels, gather data from communities she adopts and, once she is mastered in the metaverse (or in real life), find her place in public places.

Team Kitty Inu recently joined with, allowing non-us holders to make online purchases at large retailers using their Kitty Tokens.  To help them develop their business, they have hired the assistance of Squire Patton Boggs as an outside lawyer.  Kitty Inu’s Certik Audit is complete, and InterFi Network KYC Verified Lead Developer.

Kitty Inu ($kitty), is available to trade at Uniswap or Pancakeswap.

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