Meet The Largest Fitness Influencer In Oklahoma State Shaping The World

Social media is today becoming an essential tool fitness influencers are using to reach their fan base. Instagram has topped the list where not only fitness experts make a living but also models and experts from other industries as well. 

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and other health conditions, everyone is looking to be health-conscious, and most brands are looking for fitness influencers to help inspire people to live healthy lives. 

About Aaron Nimmo

Aaron Nimmo is one of the people who tapped into this business a decade ago. He has been making a significant impact on social media and connecting with more customers in the process. 

Aaron comes from a background of bodybuilders. He was inspired to dive into this space after losing several family members in a row. His grandpa, his 16-year old cousin, and his uncle all succumbed to what was believed to be conditions related to being overweight. Deep within him, he knew that these conditions could have been prevented through healthier body weights and focus on proper nutrition. 

Aaron, therefore, wanted to commit his life to help other people transform and be the healthiest, best version of themselves. 

The Start Of Personal Fitness Training

So while pursuing Kinesiology in college, he got started in the fitness industry. He began participating in personal fitness training. His passion for exercising, working out, and body-building began to increase. Sooner than later, his tiny body was starting to take shape, perhaps ready for the body-building competitions. 

This fitness guy developed a very healthy relationship with exercise because he started excelling in sports. His confidence also increased manifold, something that was lacking in his life. 

Becoming A Fitness Influencer

Aaron went through college successfully. He then transitioned into body-building. His goal was to get credibility and exposure in Oklahoma State. What strategy was he going to use to make his dream come true?

He chose to be an in-person personal trainer. He also hired a coach who prepared him for his first body-building competition. Surprisingly, Aaron won the match, and this win made his name go far and wide. He took advantage of the victory to establish himself as an authority in the fitness space. 

His next step was now finding out how social media could help him be identified as the fitness guy. He started posting creative content on fitness, and fitness talk became his business all round the clock. He started creating content on nutrition and workout programs and selling them online. From what he earned, he always reinvested. He continued to grow his social media pages to over 1 million followers.

Wrap Up

Today, Aaron is a top go-to fitness coach for chief executives and high-level professionals. He is the #1 transformation and results coach in Oklahoma state, and he has so far transformed the lives of over 50,000 individuals who have had a chance to partake in his online sessions. 

Therefore, get in touch with Aaron Nimmo today and start your one-on-one online fitness training to take complete control of your life and body.