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Kieran Gibbs, Inter-Miami CF’s (IMCF), Major League Soccer (MLS), star has revealed that he plans to convert half his salary in bitcoin. Gibbs will use XBTO crypto finance to convert his salary, and avoid paying large fees.

Inter-Miami CF’s Left-Back Kieran Gibbs to Get Half of His Earnings Converted to Bitcoin

The MLS Player Kieran GibbsHe has declared his intention to convert 50% of his salary in bitcoin (BTC). Gibbs is a left-back in IMCF’s team and announced that he will be playing for David Beckham-owned Team at the End of March 2021. Gibbs (31 years old) will use the cryptocurrency finance company XBTO to convert half of his USD salary in BTC in December 2021. XBTO says Gibbs won’t be charged conversion fees and the funds will be sent to his bitcoin wallet.

XBTO states that its team has a lot more experience with complicated crypto transactions and gaining liquidity. It also mentions that the company has an ESG compliant mine operation, which allows it to access freshly mined bitcoins. Gibbs, IMCF’s star leftback, stated that he is a long-time bitcoin supporter in a statement to News.

“I’ve been a fan of bitcoin and the crypto space for some time now, and I believe they have the ability to break down huge social and economic barriers — crypto is for everyone,” Gibbs detailed. “I hope my partnership with XBTO can further the awareness and education of cryptocurrencies and their tremendous potential to positively impact global societies,” the soccer player added.

Gibbs is just one example of a number of crypto-savvy athletes. Numerous individuals, including Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Carolina Panthers offensive lineman Russell Okung; Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani; Argentinian soccer superstar Lionel Messi; American stock car race driver Landon Cassill; New York Giants runningback Saquon Barkley, among others, are turning to crypto as a means of converting their salaries or marketing deals.

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