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PRESS RELEASE. QANplatform supports LibreScan as the First Decentralized Blockchain Explorer

Estonia, Tallinn:QANplatform has announced LibreScan as the first self-hosted open-source Decentralized Blockchain Explorer (DBE). In order to prevent centralized tracking and protect their privacy, cryptocurrency owners will be able soon to host their own blockchain explorer.

Decentralization is the foundation of Blockchain technology. The reality of crypto is that 95% rely on central services such as Etherscsan and BscScan. Similarweb’s website analytics tool, Similarweb shows that two of the most visited centralized block explorers globally are among the top 1,500 websites, with 43 to 61 Million visits as of November 2021.

They not only monitor their users and associate their wallets to their IP addresses, but they also provide a crucial point of failure. The government can disable these services only and then cut off 95% users if they wish to ban cryptocurrency.

LibreScan, which was developed by the community, aims to provide an open-source tool that allows cryptocurrency users to run their own blockchain explorers on their computers without any central authority. LibreScan is open-source and developers can contribute.

End-users as well as developers can register for LibreScan’s free blockchain explorer at

“We need a quick and joint approach to eradicate the only real centralized point of failure threat to secure the accessibility and privacy of all actors in the crypto community. We have witnessed this recently. one key gatekeeper’s failureThis could lead to disruptions of the entire ecosystem. This is the reason why we would like to invite every key market player and individual programmer to the community-driven development to create the first truly free, open-source and self-hosted Decentralized Blockchain Explorer (DBE) called LibreScan.”Johann Polecsak is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of QANplatform

LibreScan (the first open-source, self-hosted Decentralized Blockchain Explorer) was founded by QANplatform. It is a community-built project. LibreScan will allow developers to join the project and connect with any other blockchain platform. Users of cryptocurrency will have the ability to create their own blockchain explorer and access it from any computer.


Information about QANplatform
QANplatform, the Layer 1 quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain platform, will enable developers and businesses to create quantum-resistant smart contracts, DApps or DeFi solutions as well tokens, Metaverse, tokens, tokens, Metaverse, tokens, Metaverse, DApps and DApps on top of QAN’s blockchain platform. It can be used in any programming language. QAN TestNet is due to be available in 2021.





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