Leading Indian Entertainment Giants T-Series and Hungama Digital Entertainment to foray into the NFT & Metaverse Space in association with Hefty Entertainment

Over the last few years, the global digital entertainment market has seen incredible growth. This is raising the standard of entertainment consumption and creation like no other time in history. Asia’s largest publisher and music label, T-Series has announced a partnership with one of the largest digital entertainment company in South Asia, Hungama Digital Media to enter into the world of Web3, NFTs and Metaverse. This partnership aims at capturing the virtual economy’s growing landscape.

The collaboration between the industry leaders will cause a paradigm shift in Asia’s entertainment sector as they work towards becoming valuable pillars in the NFT-metaverse ecosystem. The partnership aligns with Hungama’s vision to curate a perfect union of tech innovation to entertain and engage users worldwide, alongside T-series, to redefine how digital content is created, owned, and explored.

Recent marketing campaigns by top brands in various industries have seen the NFT and Metaverse space explode. More well-known companies are now exploring NFTs as part of the new cryptoverse wave. T-series and Hungama Digital Media made an important metaverse step by launching NFT collection exclusives. They are now poised to bridge that gap between digital entertainment and the crypto world.

Hefty Entertainment is leveraging Polygon Studios industry knowledge and leading NFT, Hefty Entertainment’s gaming arm to spearhead a Web3.0 initiative by Hungama. This will allow the worldwide digital entertainment market to experience a new dimension in entertaining creations.

An exclusive interview with the author Bhushan Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director – T-Series commented, “We’re delighted to extend our alliance with Hungama, spanning two decades, and enable our community with access to the Metaverse. We are excited to expand and enhance the content’s value, which will lead to an even greater expansion of global digital entertainment.

Enjoy enhancing experiences and special moments

T-series, in partnership with Hefty Entertainment is creating a path for millions to access a possible blockchain-based entertainment universe. T-series is partnering with Hungama to leverage their global distribution networks and experience. They have a catalog of amazing content that spans 2,00,000. Songs, 65,000 music video and 150+ films from Indian languages. These will all be available for the expanding digital landscape.

“We are delighted to extend our long-standing partnership with T-Series and establish ourselves as first-movers into the Metaverse of entertainment. As we discover new ways to engage and collaborate with our fans, this Web 3.0 initiative will redefine content consumption. T-Series is a partner that has steadily grown. We’re very excited to hold hands with them to enter the metaverse.” Neeraj Roy, Founder – Hungama, shared.

Hungama is still one of South Asia’s largest digital entertainment platforms, with more than 90,000,000 monthly users in music, games, and video. As collaborative efforts with T-series which has the world’s largest user base with 350 users and a massive following on different social media platforms.

An Incentivized Marketplace for Digital Entertainment In the Metaverse

Backed by Hungama & Polygon, Hefty Entertainment is positioned to launch its incentivized NFT marketplace. This marketplace is primarily focused on creating an innovative layout for the NFTverse. It will offer a variety of exciting features that will help it expand its market and create a unique experience for global users. Through its innovative NFTs and unique functionality, Hefty Entertainment will attract millions to blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. It also offers top-notch services and a user experience that is intuitive and high quality.

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