Leading Crypto Exchange BitYard Offers Trading in Over 150 Countries

Come join and become a part of BitYard, the leading crypto exchange that takes crypto trading to a whole new level & strives to provide users the best trading experience. With 500,00+ users already trading in over 150 countries, don’t wait, join today to benefit immensely and ‘Grow your future in the yard’.

BitYard trusted by traders across over 150 countries

BitYard is a one-stop trading platform for global investors, established & headquartered in Singapore, and has continued to bring professional, convenient, and new trading services to global users since 2019. By abiding by the business philosophy of simplifying the trading of complex contracts and providing several tools for its users’ benefits, it has become one of the fastest-growing crypto derivatives exchanges worldwide.

BitYard is a new way to do cryptocurrency trading. Users will have a much better experience trading with BitYard. It is multiple licenses & regulations make it a safe platform to trade on. BitYard’s regulation is the American Money Services Businesses. Singaporean Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. ACRA, ACRA Australia. MTR of Estonia..

BitYard has partnered up with Revain, which is a Blockchain-based platform for reviewing. Revain recently announced that it would be hosting a review contest on its platform. The competition will reward quality reviews with free prizes. Head over to BitYard’s profile on the Revain platform to write a high-quality review and gain RVN tokens as a reward today. BitYard and Paxful, a P2P cryptocurrency marketplace Paxful, partnered in February 2021 to provide users additional payment options to buy Bitcoin. This will allow them to choose from more than 150 fiat currencies. It further increases adoption’s ease-of-use.

Paxful’s partnership allows BitYard users from all over the globe to quickly invest in crypto-assets. They can also buy using a number of payment options, such as domestic wire or gift cards.

BitYard’s trading platform can be considered a single-stop shop for cryptocurrency. BitYard has many functionalities as well as an easier user interface. This makes BitYard easy for beginners to navigate. There are many charting tools available. It also has spot, inverted perpetual, and lite trading options that allow you to trade CFDs. You can use the platform to trade Forex, gold, Forex and many other commodities.

BitYard’s fee structure is simple and true to the company philosophy. A trade can be opened for as little as 5 USDT and costs only 0.05%. Trader are also given the opportunity to withdraw their funds without having to pay any fees. To see the full fee structure, visit the BitYard website. Copy trading is one of BitYard’s greatest features. For example, suppose a user is new to the crypto world or doesn’t trust their instincts just yet. In that case, BitYard’s impressive copy trading feature lets a user automatically follow and copy top traders on BitYard.

No matter if you’re a complete beginner or an expert in cryptography, ‘Grow your future in the yard’BitYard allows you to do this quickly and securely.


You can get the most out of everything BitYard offers

Get all the benefits of BitYard and start trading immediately. Register and trade in minutes – signing up to BitYard takes a few seconds and takes minimal effort and information. A user can immediately start trading or make deposits after signing up. Fiat deposits currently only exist in China, Vietnam, and other countries. But, there will be more currencies in the future. BitYard makes it easy to become a trader with its low trading fees, 100x leverage, as well as the ease of depositing and withdrawing. The platform can be accessed via dedicated apps on mobile phones, making it easy to trade on-the-go.

BitYard also offers great customer service via various support channels.

Email – support@bityard.com

Live chat – accessed via the mobile apps or the Web

Social media – Telegram, TwitterAnd Facebook

BitYard’s focus is on growth so it has many contests and promotions to help users earn crypto through its referral and affiliate programs. Signing up to BitYard can bring you a lot of cool bonuses, such as a user account setup, demo access or binding your email address.

BitYard offers a way to make money.Use the multi-level affiliate program for an excellent, high-quality commission. Additional bonuses for indirect advocacy are available through multi-level commission affiliate ranks. Three steps are required to get commission. Share your referral link, receive commission and then become an affiliate.Become an eContract Member. This program provides up to 40 percent commissions for all trading fees. 1-on-1 business assistance, real time settlement of commission, data updates and multidimensional reports that provide detailed information regarding transaction data and records.It allows users to see how far they have come. BitYard’s platform makes it simple to get involved and earn a commission. It also offers great products, higher conversion rates, and an excellent brand. BitYard has a global reputation and is growing rapidly.

BitYard is the global crypto spot and contract trading platform, licensed and regulated on different continents. International outreach has allowed BitYard to position itself as a leader in trading. This platform is an exciting new experience. It offers low fees and 100x leverage. There are also generous bonus and affiliate offer options. The interface is easy and friendly, which makes it attractive for beginners.

Visit the site to learn more and join the social media team.

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