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PRICE RELEASE INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Nov. 25, 2021 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list Dexioprotocol (DEXI) token on November 27, 2021. All users of LBank Exchange will have access to the DEXI/USDT trading pairs at 23:00 UTC+8 on November 27th 2021.

While crypto investing has become a popular trend in the last few years, they are still relatively small compared to the rest of humanity. Dexioprotocol is an initiative that seeks to get more people involved in crypto-related activities. The DEXI token of the project will be added to LBank Exchange (UTC+8) at 23:00 on November 27, 2021. This will allow it to expand its global reach as well as help achieve its vision.


Dexioprotocol’s vision is a world in which blockchain technology is mainstream and infinitely more people are connected by it. This team is aiming to become the industry leader in Augmented Reality app development and revolutionize blockchain-based gaming. They will also launch the best NFT platform and blockchain exchange on the planet. This team will pioneer this frontier by launching an extremely secure and sophisticated digital wallet as well as an AR app.

Multiple projects are being developed for Dexioprotocol.

DEXI Wallet – The team has developed its very own state-of-the-art, ultra-secure digital wallet for both iOS and Android. DEXI Wallet allows users to store, swap and receive up-to-date information about the market tailored for them.

Dexi Hunter App – An application that gives users access to a worldwide AR universe, which the team affectionately calls the Dexiverse. There are AR bounty opportunities around the world in the Dexiverse. These bounties come in tokens and NFTs as well as game coins. These bounties are extremely rewarding to collect.

Gaming – Dexioprotocol is introducing several new gaming applications to build a modern, blockchain-based gaming ecosystem. This project aims to bring together the endless possibilities of smart contracts and blockchain technology with interactive, engaging media such as role-playing or augmented reality gaming. Already in development are games like Legends of the Dexiverse and DEXI Hero.

DEXI NFTs and Marketplace – The team is developing a digital marketplace for its Dexi NFTs to be traded on and a basis for an entire independent economic ecosystem. NFTs can be purchased directly or as in-game rewards by enthusiastic gamers.

SmartDexio Network – The team is in the process of building an entirely new network based on the proof-of-stake concept and will use a worldwide network of validators to process its transactions in the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way.

DEXI tokenomics

Initial burns of 25% (the total of 500.00B) of token supply were initiated upon launch. A 10.0B burn took place in October. Another 77.5B tokens, which had been essentially burnt by tokenomics and locked away in irretrievable wallets for ever, were also completed. An important portion of this fully liquidated stock is kept in the DxSale wallet and Pancake Swap liquidity pool wallet for 30-day periods.

Current tokenomics pay 5% on every transaction and reward the owners. The burn function was turned off temporarily. It means that code cannot be abandoned and can be modified as needed to adapt over time.

DEXI cannot be mint-able and long-term goals are to restore the burn function in order to raise the token’s price over the years. As new opportunities arise, the team will adjust to market conditions and implement changes. Investors interested in Dexioprotocol investments can buy or sell DEXI tokens on LBank Exchange starting at 23:00 UTC+8 on November 27, 2021. Dexioprotocol’s listing on LBank Exchange is sure to help the company expand and attract more interest in the market.

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