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PRESS RELEASE. INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Jan. 25 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list ADENE (ADEN) on January 27, 2022. LBank Exchange users will see the ADEN/USDT trading pairing available to trade at 18:00 (UTC+8) January 27, 2022.

Some powerful organizations (central casino system) have made the gambling industry an enormous empire. They are making only their personal profits. ADENE (ADEN), a fully decentralized system for gaming, was created to end the monopoly in the sector and to create its own gambling realm to restore equality and justice. The utility token ADEN, which it owns, will be listed on LBank Exchange on January 27th at 18:00 (UTC+8) to expand its international reach and further help the company realize its goals.

ADENE – Introduction

ADENE is the fourth generation’s first decentralized gambling system. Users are becoming operators thanks to NFTs. Where traditional gaming platforms stop, ADENE innovations start. Users and operators have become one for the first times in the history of gambling. With ADENE, users are able to create their own casino with minimal barriers of entry. Starting one’s own business creatively has never been easier.

ADENE was the first platform ever to create NFTs from slot machines. The NFTs that are created from slot machines by users and then made accessible to ADENE’s community, each machine is unique. The NFTs must not be considered static digital assets. They should also have business applications that will allow them to support the ADEN tokens circular economy. Users can purchase NFT games and upload them to the ADENE NFT marketplace. They will then be able to provide enough liquidity in ADEN tokens for the game’s operation. Users can also mint custom slot machines on the ADENE platform.

ADENE provides a decentralized gaming platform which offers fairer, more transparent, and more ethical games to both players and operators. The peer-to-peer system ensures that games on ADENE do not have any centralized manipulation. Users are the owners of the chance games. This means that both players and the casino will have a better win/loss ratio than real casinos. ADENE envisions the future by using ADEN tokens.

ADEN Token

ADEN token is BEP20 token and it’s based upon BSC. This token is designed to facilitate faster and cheaper transactions. ADEN tokens are issued separately from, who supports ADEN tokens for utility tokens because they work efficiently. ADEN tokens’ use-case ecosystems and networks continue to grow rapidly and currently collaborate with NFT sport and charity organizations.

ADEN has a total of 1 billion shares (i.e. 1000,000,000, 29% for liquidity, 10% for presales, 2% for advisors, 2% for private investment. Another 2% goes to advisors.

Investors interested in ADENE investments can buy or sell ADEN at LBank Exchange starting January 27th, 2022 at 18:00 UTC+8. It will be able to expand its market and attract more attention by being listed on LBank Exchange.

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