Ken Kurson: A Leader in the Cryptocurrency and Media Industries

Ken Kurson has been active in the media industry for decades. He has employed his talents in various ways and capacities. He has co-authored bestselling books with luminaries such as Rudy Giuliani and David Faber; and also served as the editor in chief of The New York Observer and its related entities.

The political world is also one that Ken Kurson voyaged into for considerable time, having served as a political consultant for both Jamestown Associates and Teneo Strategy. And in the political world he also served in Rudy’s Giuliani’s 2008 Presidential campaign as the Chief Operating Officer.

Kurson has also recently embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in the media world. Using his vast knowledge of media and shaping narratives and building audiences, Kurson has been leading a series of different news properties that have already grown considerable audiences.

Book and Film Globe among them, Kurson has been a proprietor of valuable content to the audiences of Fine Art Globe and Rock and Roll Globe, generating a steady stream of valuable information to the outlets’ respective audiences. This information has indeed proven invaluable in educating certain audiences about information that interests them.

In this way, Kurson has been able to effectively employ his media savvy and his entrepreneurial streaks. But his entrepreneurial pursuits have in no way been limited to his collection of media properties. Kurson has also been a leader in the cryptocurrency space.

Besides for being an active investor, he has also launched a Crypto news site covering the industry, called Modern Consensus. Kurson also sits on the board of Ripple. Modern Consensus tracks prices of Bitcoin and other crypto and blockchain technologies.