Kanye West Wears “Satoshi Nakamoto” Cap, Secret Bitcoiner Confirmed?

Who orange-pilled Kanye West? Are you the most controversial bitcoiner in the world? The fashion mogul/rapper has been dominating news cycles for the past few weeks. Now, it seems as though bitcoin has entered his orbit. Or Kanye West entered bitcoin’s orbit. The rapper / performer who is always in the top of his game Was photographed wearing a “Satoshi Nakamoto” cap, which sent the Internet into a frenzy. 

It all makes sense, and it works. JPMorgan and West’s Yeezy brand recently ended their business relationship, which lead to the billionaire receiving a slew of bitcoin enthusiast’s messages on Twitter. Many were left wondering why the couple ended. Was it just because of West’s controversial opinions and wild antics? Is this an honest parting of the ways? 

The real question, though, is this: does JPMorgan have the ability to turn off their banking service on an individual just because they don’t like his or her political views?

Kanye West/ JP Morgan Incident

Candace Owens, a Republican author published an October 12th letter that JPMorgan sent to the top Yeezy command. “Today I found out that Kanye WestJP Morgan Chase bank officially expelled him. I was told there was no official reason given, but they sent this letter as well to confirm that he has until late November to find another place for the Yeezy empire to bank,” she tweeted.

The story quickly was refuted, as it often happens in politics. CNBC News Anchor Sara Eisen counterpunched with, “Kanye West announced on CNBC during our interview he was pulling his money out of JPMorgan and switching to Bank of America because Jamie Dimon didn’t call him. It was September 15, 2015, a few weeks ago. This letter appears to be an acknowledgment of his breakup.”

Whatever the reason, everyone took to Twitter to flood Kanye West’s feed with suggestions. You can say what you like about Kanye West but he has the same right as all of us to access banking services. And he shouldn’t be censored because of his beliefs. Uncensorable and apolitical currency is what the world needs, and Bitcoin provides that alternative. 

The message seems to have reached Kanye West’s ears.

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BTC Price Chart for 10/17/202 On Saxo Source: BTC/USD at TradingView.com| Source: BTC/USD on TradingView.com

Satoshi Nakamoto Hat

In one of the many daily posts about Kanye West’s sightings, the Daily Mail caught the fashion mogul conveying a particular message. Lately, West had been wearing a “2024” cap, which allegedly refers to something as important as his presidential campaign. Today, he wore a “Satoshi Nakamoto” hat. The incident was reported by The Daily Mail said:

“The rapper, 45, swapped his usual 2024 cap for a black hat that read Satoshi Nakamoto – a nod to the mysterious bitcoin creator.”

The JPMorgan story may have been in the air. Or maybe this rapper was just being calculated. In the same article, the Daily Mail quotes Kanye West’s recent Drink Champs interview, where he said:

“So when I drive by and I see the Hulu ads and I see the JP [Morgan Chase] ads, I’m gonna let y’all know right now, the devil is a defeated foe – you can’t poison me.”

He probably wasn’t talking about bitcoin at the moment, but he might as well.

Kanye West, the spokesperson for Bitcoin. This controversial personality has shown interest in the technology. He even went so far as to say that bitcoiners have a real perspective on the “true liberation of America and humanity” in his Joe Rogan interview. He might now have an argument to use Bitcoin. He might’ve seen the problem that centralization, politicization, and weaponization of access mean. 

Is bitcoin looking for Kanye West or not? To put it mildly, the man is controversial.

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