Joe Rogan Holds High Hopes For The Cryptocurrency Industry

Many prominent people have expressed their opinions and comments about cryptocurrency’s rise since its inception in 2022. The world’s most prominent controversial podcaster and comedian, Joe Rogan, has just expressed his ‘hope’ for digital assets. This confession was made during a podcast interview.

On January 8, Rogan, through the 1760th episode of his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ deliberated on the crypto future. He had a conversation with Adam Curry (a fellow podcaster).

The estimated number of listeners for every episode of Rogan’s podcast is about 11 million. This number is significant, regardless of Spotify’s efforts to censor some offensive episodes. Also, Rogan’s podcast bagged the top position of the most popular during 2021 on Spotify.

The world’s most prominent podcaster stated that cryptocurrency would either entirely fall or become an opportunity for sailing to a better future for human lives.

Curry said that many young people are leaving his side. These moves may be to create parallel networks or systems. He confirmed his loyalty to Bitcoin by stating that he’s on the BTC train to provide more security for his funds. The broken money system that he lamented caused misery and inflation as well as wars because of its connection to oil was a source of his frustration.

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Curry has been the host of ‘No Agenda,’ a right-wing podcast that has received criticisms from the medical community and mainstream media. They claimed Curry had been spreading conspiracies.

Podcasters: Metaverse and Cryptocurrency vision

Rogan and Curry discussed the possibility of a digital Metaverse controlled by Silicon Valley. They also discussed NFTs, and their place in the crypto world.

Cryptocurrency The total crypto market cap remains at $2 trillion| Source:

Rogan formulated a future scenario in which digital tokens could be created by firms. Customers will use the tokens to purchase their products.

This was possible because Apple has the technology. Rogan explained that the process would be first to buy the digital coins you will use to buy the company’s products. The process works in the same way as stocks.

Reacting to that, Curry expressed his disagreement by saying that Rogan’s explanation is different from the plan. Curry instead stated that institutions and governments with powerful economies should be focusing on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

He stated that individual would be able to access crypto wallets and tokens from the Federal Reserve. Retail banking is unlikely to be of any use.

Despite the good vibes that podcasters send about cryptocurrency appreciation, many members of the crypto community are skeptical.

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Rogan, Curry and other podcasters are controversial in crypto. Rogan is famous for his kicks against ‘political uprightness. He was also criticized in the past for jokes that portray racism, sexualism, or transphobia.

CashApp paid Rogan in July 2021 for him to promote Bitcoin to his listeners. He also got $100,000 from CashApp in November as a BTC payment.

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