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NTT Docomo is Japan’s largest telecom company. A new division has been created to manage its metaverse efforts. Qonoq already operates and employs 200 people. They are responsible for researching and creating software and hardware solutions that integrate extended reality products to customers of NTT Docomo.

NTT Docomo enters the Metaverse

Global telecom firms are keen to explore the digital metaverse and offer new services for their customers. NTT Docomo, the biggest wireless telecom carrier in Japan with more than 80 million customers, launched its own metaverse division earlier this month — the first move of the company into the metaverse market.

Qonoq, a 200-strong unit with a name of its own is responsible for developing software and hardware products for customers and employees of the company. This unit, which will be based in three areas of focus, will receive a budget estimate of $412 million.

The first area has to do with providing metaverse experiences through its own world, called “XR World,” and also a venue for virtual concerts called “Matrix Stream,” which will be optimized for content delivery.

The second key area includes the “digital twin” business, which allows customers to complement the information about a particular venue with extended reality. Third is the manufacturing of hardware devices for immersive metaverse experiences.

The Metaverse: Telecom companies in telecom

Meta (formerly Facebook) is making the strongest push to promote the metaverse concept. However, other telecom operators have recognized the potential benefits of adding this service to their business portfolios. Telefonica is one the largest Spanish-based telecom companies and has joined forces with Meta to set up its Metaverse hub in Spain. It also collaborated with Qualcomm to offer metaverse experiences to customers.

Orange, another European carrier has been also interested in entering metaverse. It opened a cyberspace-based centre to learn digital skills in virtual reality. SK Telecom in Korea has developed its own metaverse platform called Ifland. It is currently retooling the platform for European use through a partnership agreement with Deutsche Telekom.

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