Is the Rise of Digital Real Estate Worth the Hype? Insights into 3 of the biggest Metaverse Projects

Imagine this. It’s the mid-1980s. Everyone wanted to get a piece of the internet.

Flash forward to early-mid 2000s and Facebook, Twitter and Flickr were just emerging on the scene. This was the birth of social media.

Today, the Metaverse is the new kid on the block, and it just seems like people can’t stop talking about how it is redefining the digital real estate landscape and how it will change how we interact with the internet, and each other, forever.

But wait, “Metaverse,” “Digital Estate”, what do those mean, and more importantly, what’s the hype all about?

What does Digital Real Estate mean and what is its relationship to the Metaverse?

Digital real property is simply defined as any type of property available on the internet. This was traditionally represented by websites, social media accounts or email lists.

Today, however, digital realty includes assets and virtual spaces in the Metaverse that you can lease or purchase, much like the physical world.

Metaverse describes a virtual universe where people interact with each others and can access digital content to create an immersive experience.

While this virtual world may take many forms it usually includes a combination of 3D avatars, virtual places, and other virtual assets like in-world tokens.

The Metaverse offers businesses the opportunity to explore exotic virtual worlds filled with amazing avatars and other breath-taking creatures.

Now that we know what digital real estate is and what the Metaverse is, let’s take a look at some specific Metaverse projects that are helping to shape the digital real estate landscape.

Digital Real Estate Projects that Show why it is worth the hype

Many Metaverse projects exist, but these are the three most important.


SIDUS HEROES is a major upcoming project set to be a big success and maximize digital real estate potential within Metaverse gaming.

SIDUS HEROES was the result of a huge collaboration among some of blockchain’s most prominent minds and gamers, and has a wide supporter base. It is located in a virtual world populated by NFT characters of twelve different technological races, each with their own unique characteristics and features.

The game is notably listed as one of New Zoo’s top 10 gaming projects to look out for and one of Coin Market Cap’s top NFT games for 2022.

SIDUS HEROES was created as a platform where players could explore the Metaverse in search of adventure.

The SIDUS-HEROES metaverse apartments can be rented, bought or sold to players. These apartments can be found in the capital of the universe. They provide private quarters for players to store their virtual household items.

Only 6000 apartments are available in each of the three rarities, Epic, Epic, or Legendary. The apartment designs have many features and amenities that will make it worthwhile to invest in.

They include robots that provide bonus investment opportunities within the game, plants which produce fruits which upgrade in-game heroes, pets, and workbenches which can be used to make new pharmaceutical products.

Players can also use the assets to build different industries in the game. That can result in actual revenue.

SIDUS HEROES apartment will soon go up for sale and investors who are early in their game can get access to these highly valuable assets. With the digital real estate landscape getting heated up and projects like SIDUS HEROES leading the charge, it’s advisable to keep your eyes peeled, follow updates on its Opensea, Twitter, and Discord channels,  watch out for its upcoming release, and keep your crypto wallet ready.

Similar projects that have established communities and created innovative gaming markets, such as SIDUSHEROES, show players why they should invest in digital real property for both their investment and game play value.

Let’s check out two of these similar projects below.

BAYC also offers other services

Otherside BAYC was created as an outgrowth of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. Yuga Labs was the BAYC Creator and announced the project on March 20,22. The project launched on April 30, 2022.

While the Otherside Metaverse remains in development, it’s already one of most discussed projects in the Metaverse space.

In a hugely multiplayer online role playing game, the world will have up to 10,000 character playables.

In-world voice chat with natural voices takes communication into the next dimension.

With the awe-inspiring tour that Bored Ape and Mutant Ape owners participated in during July, it’s easy to see why 55,000 Otherdeed–plots of land in the Otherside sales were sold for more than $300 million when the project’s first round of land selling concluded; and why the value of Otherdeeds has grown over time, enabling it to scale over $1 billion in sales in the secondary market, becoming the fastest NFT collection to do so.


Illuvium, another Ethereum-based MMORPG will be released on Mac and PC in 2022.

There were 100,000 available land parcels in the game. 22,000 of these plots are up for sale to potential sellers and early investors. This made it worth $72 million.

These plots can be used in many ways, just like in real life. You can rent space out to players or sell fuel for game players.

These possibilities have made many enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the game’s official launch and a possible future land sale.

The Key Takeaway

Metaverse projects and digital real estate are part of the reason why. The three mentioned projects give credence to digital real estate’s explosive potential. However, SIDUS HEROES will be the first one to launch soon.

While it is early in adoption, it is not possible to limit the value of digital real estate. Like NFTs and actual real estate, the primary driver of digital real estate’s value is scarcity. Digital real estate’s value will rise with time because there are a few apartments available and there is an increasing demand. One example: The BAYC Project was launched at 0.08 ETH in January 2017. However, the Open Sea floor price is now 72.6 ETH.

These initiatives are altering the way that we view virtual worlds, asset ownership and have the potential for revolutionizing the gaming industry. With so much potential, it’s no wonder that more value is increasingly being attached and generated by digital real estate.


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