Is Mexico the Future for Real Estate Investors?

Investment and real estate speculation advice is often centered on the United States. While it is true that the U.S. is a powerhouse of opportunities for investors, a growing number of financial experts believe that it’s a mistake to underestimate the wealth of possibilities for profit outside of the USA. TikTok personality and investor Darren Hatch is a firm believer in this philosophy. His social media accounts track his transition from “Wall Street to real estate.” 

After quitting his high-paying job as an investor on Wall Street, Hatch persuaded his wife to move with him to Mexico, where he was born and still holds citizenship. From there, he began building homes, a business which quickly pivoted into real estate investment and development. His massively successful business model has helped his profile to explode; he now has over 350,000 followers on the TikTok platform. 

Hatch’s rise to stardom in the tight;y knit community of TikTok entrepreneurs and investors is also owed in large part to his charity work. Last December, Darren Hatch enlisted the help of his followers to build a brand new home for a family living in rural Mexico. They had no running water or working plumbing. Hatch and his TikTok followers raised tens of thousands of dollars in no time, and Hatch was able to use his experience to begin building a more suitable house for the family. 

It’s hard for entrepreneurs like Hatch to develop a following on TikTok, an app notorious for its many hopeful financial experts and advisors. His secret weapon, however, is his ability to educate viewers on an entirely unique model for investment. Many real estate developers and investors consider the United States the ultimate land of opportunity. In a recent video, Hatch showed himself crossing the Mexican border into the United States. He acknowledged the incredible opportunities available in the United States, saying that there’s ultimately “no reason” why a hardworking American shouldn’t be able to make a life for him or herself in the land of opportunity. 

But Hatch was born in Mexico and holds dual-citizenship, living and working between Mexico and El Paso, Texas. Because of this, he is able to build homes and invest in both countries. The result? Darren Hatch is able to provide his followers with an unprecedented insight into how real estate and investment works in Mexico, as well as the United States. He regularly speaks Spanish in his videos, educating Spanish-speaking Americans and Mexicans on the nuances of wealth-building, investment, and home ownership. 

It should be noted that Hatch’s citizenship gives him a wealth of unique opportunities that American investors might not have access to. However, the financial and entrepreneurship advice strewn throughout his profile are nevertheless striking a powerful cord with his expansive following. In the highly competitive TikTok marketplace, the most successful personalities are those who shine light on a unique way of life and work. For Hatch, his involvement in the Mexican real estate industry has been a powerful tool to help expand his business while educating hundreds of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs.