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Ironbeam is a U.S. registered Futures Commission Merchant (“FCM”​) which offers trading on crypto nano futures thanks to a partnership with Coinbase Derivatives. The brokerage charges no commission* on these Bitcoin and Ethereum contracts, as well as requiring low margin.

Trade Cryptocurrency Nano Futures Contracts

Chicago Board of Trade headquarters IronbeamNamed a tech-centric futures brokerage company, it was launched in 2010. It aims to provide technology solutions for futures participants as well as the modern trader.

Thanks to an amazing partnership between Ironbeam, Coinbase Derivatives and Coinbase Nano Bitcoin, traders now have the ability to trade Coinbase Nano Ethereum and Nano Bitcoin contracts. Every contract costs 0.01 BTCOR 0.5 ETH.The Nano Bitcoin futures contract allows crypto traders to trade on either side, make faster trades than the blockchain and protect against price volatility.

Ironbeam is a U.S. registered Futures Commission Merchant (“FCM”) on the open exchange, and customers can trade with peace of mind regarding the security of their transactions.

Ironbeam makes trading easier and quicker than ever. Not only are the platforms easy to use, but traders also have the ability to drill down into the platform and gain access numerous features.

No Commission*, Low Margins

Ironbeam is a free** professional-grade futures trading platform for everyone, with no commission* and low margins – with a margin as low as $20 per trade. You can trade on any device. Trades can be made from anywhere, whether they are at work or home.

The Ironbeam The platform provides two options. The Go experience provides a straightforward and simple way for new traders to trade popular products. The Professional experience unlocks the platform’s full capabilities, including hundreds of indicators, depth-of-market, custom formulas and data on over 500,000 instruments. It is possible to switch experiences at will. They are both free**!

Ironbeam also has the following features:

  1. Availability on the web, mobile and desktop – Ironbeam Advanced features: A full-fledged desktop app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and web.
  2. 24 Hour Professional Support by the Ironbeam Trade desk support and staff are always available during futures market hours. On average, they have more than ten years experience with futures.
  3. CUSTOM ORDERING STRATEGIESSave, deploy, and create custom server-side bracket orders.

Trading Nano Bitcoin futures is another feature. Ironbeam You can trade Bitcoin prices long or short with increased leverage. This is a good way to hedge against volatility. Ironbeam Active traders will find this micro-contract suite meets their needs. It offers 14 options for trading across 3 asset types (Equities/FX and Metals). This allows them to access the futures market with capital efficiency and helps diversify their portfolio.

To sum up, Ironbeam It combines cloud-based trading and convenience. Orders, strategies, work spaces and formulas are all stored server-side for faster executions, lower latency, and access to Ironbeam customers’ work spaces across all devices. Get trading futures from Ironbeam now to protect your future. Take a test drive Ironbeam Register for a Demo Account by downloading the app

Visit the website to learn more about this platform. ironbeam.comFollow the team and submit your comments Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn.

*For only Coinbase Nano Bitcoin or Nano Ethereum contracts, there is no commission promotion until December 31, 2022. NFA and clearing fees, as well as exchange charges, still apply.

**Certain restrictions apply.

DISCLAIMER: Trading commodity options and futures products carries a significant risk. There is a possibility of losing more than the initial investment. Future performance does not always reflect past performance. For any questions or concerns, please contact your Account Representative.

MARGIN DISCLAIMER : Margin can be changed at any moment and without prior notice.


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