IOST’s Highly-Anticipated Sumo-Themed DeFi Token $ZUNA Set to Launch December 10th – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE.IOST-powered DeFi Protocol Yokozuna Finance has begun to prepare for the claimThe title IOST’s dApp ecosystem. The Sumo-themed, gamified DeFi/NFT Project It has been a hit with the DeFi and IOST communities and plans to continue growing. Official Launch on December 10, 11:00 (UTC).

The sumo-inspiredProjekt, mit a Total supplyOf 100,000,000And a Model of deflationary distribution You can order via FAIR LAUNCHStakers at are being led by an expert global team. An advisory board, which includes professionals from the technology, finance and media industries, is also helping to guide them. IOST Fans will be entertained and educated while the sport of Sumo is promoted to non-traditional and avid audiences all over the globe.

For its construction, it was made on the IOST Network High efficiency and almost zero transaction costsYokozuna Finance allows users to help a young rikishi, a sumo wrestler who hopes to become a Yokozuna Grand Champion.

At its core, Yokozuna Finance’s numerous compelling set of features is set to create a sensational and unparalleled experience for its users. Double Mining, Automated Market Maker DAO Fund, Deflationary token, Vaults Governance Cross-Chain Liquidity NFT Staking and Vaults are just a few of the features.

The projects’ early 2022 roadmap introduces auctions and a secondary marketplace where the project’s native token, ZUNA will be used exclusively to acquire, buy and sell SUMO NFT’s and related items to accessorize and enhance the performance including increased APY for users.

Qualified NFT holders, when fully realized will be able to own and manage the Yokozuna Finance DaAO. This was funded through transactions that began December 12, 2012. The innovative NFT system will then launch in Q2 2022 with learning-based earning as well as gamification.

In the end, DAO owners will be able to participate in DAO success through receiving distributions and vote for global SUMO projects that will grow the sport.

$ZUNA Token Launch Imminent

Yokozuna Finance is responsible for the acquisition of passed a third-party security audit by BeosinAnd launched its’ website anddApp Currently, users can pre-position IOST in single token vaults & earn IOST before the Official Launch on Friday, Dec 10th – 20:00 TOKYO/11:00 LON/6:00 NYC

 Earn $ZUNA by staking IOST (Live)

  • IOST holders have the option to stake IOST in single token IOST vaults. This will allow them to earn IOST Rewards like they would vote for IOST
  • Yokozuna Finance’s Token Generating Event is launched (TGE)You’ll be pre-positionedTo earn IOST or ZUNA, users can Earn DOUBLE Mining Rewards for IOST single token vaults
  • The Yokozuna Finance launch has been announced ZUNA single token vaultsAdditional Liquidity PoolsUsers will be able to see several IOST tokens that earn ZUNA.

What’s Next For Yokozuza?

Yokozuna plans to focus its NFT Platform development and NFT System Sumo Gamification construction in the early 2022. The team has many long-term goals, including cross-chain liquidity and NFT Governance for DAO.

More on Yokozuna’s Roadmap can be found here. Telegram is a great place to learn about Yokozuna. Twitter ,Japan Twitter

IOST Blockchain: An ideal home for your dApps

DeFi’s decentralized apps must compete well with conventional applications. The underlying network should be speedy and compatible with DApp launchers. Among the competition, IOST — an enterprise-grade, decentralized and ultra-fast network oiled with a proof-of-believability consensus algorithm — is building a robust portfolio by offering developer-friendly features and environments.

IOST was created as an answer to the scaling problem. It aims to solve the issue permanently. IOST implements an array of technologies, including a proof-of-believability algorithm and high-performance virtual machine technology, all of which are supposed to offer higher TPS rates of up to 8,000 transactions per second.

Since 2019, IOST has offered a holistic dapp ecosystem and continued to make inroads in the budding DeFi and NFT space with multiple strategic partnerships and emerging on-chain projects — such as stablecoins (HUSD, JPYA, USDA), NFT Marketplace (TOKENLINK, Revival, RIZIN FIGHTING COLLECTION) and the newest Yokozuna Finance.

DeFi is a popular platform for developers to create their projects. It offers developer-friendly features such as low congestion and high gas costs. The convenience and accessibility offered by the IOST chains are also guaranteed with a transaction fee that is free.

Visit its website to learn more about IOST TwitterAnd Medium page.


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