Investors Should Check These Data Before Buying HBAR

Hedera has a lot of potential, even though there have been some significant hiccups recently. Investors will have a better understanding of the key information before purchasing HBAR.

Here’s a quick look at some important numbers:

  • HBAR trades currently at $0.05798
  • Trade volume is currently $36.2million
  • Hedera circulation supply 22.97%

Hedera is an innovative, open-sourced cryptocurrency network. It uses distributed ledger technology to enable both developers and users access DApps.

In Press Time, HBAR up 2.05%

HBAR’s development activity has seen tremendous growth in such a short span of time since November 2018. Notably, HBAR ranked third next to Polkadot and Cardano.

Hedera was created to address the problem of scaling, which has been a major issue for blockchains.

Hedera currently is seen as one of the top winners when compared with other blockchains. That is why Hedera continues to be a popular enterprise-grade cryptocurrency.

Based on CoinMarketCapHBAR is the 39ThLargest cryptocurrency traded at $0.05798.

HBAR’s current price is 91% lower than its record high.

Hedera Trading Volume Drops 89%

HBAR’s year-to date drop has been evident at 408%. The downward trend in HBAR began after its May 12th daily record of $249.68million.

HBAR trade volume currently stands at $36.2million, a drop of 89% over its ATH date of May 12.

The circulating supply has plunged along with trading volume, price and HBAR. The current supply stands at 22.97 Billion, or 46% more than in January.

The daily chart for HBAR displays the growing buying pressure.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that HBAR liquidations only made up 0.00001% of the total market’s $52.04 million in liquidations during the past 24 hours.

Coinglass says that total value for all HBAR tradings during the 24 hour period was $6,615.

The market capitalization of HBAR is $1.32 trillion | Featured image from Freepik, Chart:

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