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Get your CoinStats will soon have NFT collections, and we couldn’t be more delighted to be breaking the much-awaited news!

NFT ownership and display has been an essential part of DeFi. NFTs offer investors, artists and connoisseurs of digital art a wealth of opportunity. Since CoinStats’ vision is to become your go-to DeFi interface and so many of our users are investing in digital collectibles already, we jumped at the opportunity to incorporate this exciting new asset class.

CoinStats single NFT interface

You can now find all information about your NFT collection in an additional section of CoinStats. The NFT section of CoinStats is comprehensive, user-friendly and the best on the marketplace. 

Our mobile app has the NFT support function. Only Ethereum-based NFTsWe are working on it, and soon will add NFTs to other blockchains.

How do I start to keep an eye on my NFTs and how do I do it? Absolutely nothing. If CoinStats has connected your portfolio, any of your coins will automatically appear in your account.  

Get the fullest picture of your holdings – both crypto and NFTs – on CoinStats and take your trading decision-making to the next level. 

What do you think about the possibility of CoinStats allowing NFTs? Which other features do you want to see in CoinStats’? Tweet @CoinStatsPlease contact us, or drop a line letting us all know. 

NFT Collection tracking on CoinStats

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