Integritee Co-Founder Alain Brenzikofer Explains How to Attract Enterprises to Use a Public Blockchain – Interview Bitcoin News

In development since 2018, Integritee AG’s solution enables sensitive business or personal data to be securely handled in an interoperable blockchain ecosystem. It combines blockchain technology with hardware-enabled trusted execution environment to allow businesses to secure process sensitive data and ensure compliance with privacy laws such as GDPR.

Alain Brenzikofer, the Co-founder and CTO of Integritee Network is Alain Brenzikofer. Recently, he joined News Podcast as a guest to discuss technology and the business.

Integritee Co-Founder Alain Brenzikofer Explains How to Attract Enterprises to Use a Public Blockchain
Alain Brenzikofer, CTO & Co-founder, Integritee Network

Supercomputing Systems AG, Project Initiator and Head for Decentralized Systems. MSc at ETH Zurich. Extensive experience in designing and delivering exceptional IT and Blockchain client-projects. Since 2013, Alain is active in the Blockchain space as a thought-leader.

His accomplishments include active contributions to Quartierstrom’s peer-to-peer electricity markets, as well as being the driving force behind Encointer – a crypto-based universal income project. Alain played a leading role over the years in developing decentralized technology’s new uses. He was the leader of the 2020 Energy Web Innovation Challenge winning team, which used trust-based execution environments to off-chain compute. provides more information about technology.

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