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Binance’s busiest month was September this year.

Last month the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume kicked off the inaugural Binance Blockchain Week Paris, a three-day event exploring the best of Web3. Their ever-growing portfolio of products was expanded, with a simpler way to generate passive income from crypto.

Concurrently, the team has continued to push product innovation — which is something that Binance views as a crucial driving force for industry growth. The team’s values have remained unchanged despite the negative market sentiment. The team is determined to keep building for Binance customers and wider digital asset market.

Here’s a quick summary of the Binance ecosystem’s biggest updates this month:

  • Created a marketplace to sell crypto gift cards.
  • Simple Earn was launched as a single-stop destination for passive crypto income.
  • Binance Pro customers now get a Web3 content stream.
  • Binance Labs provided six Web3 projects.
  • The BUSD currency became readily available for purchase on Avalanche and Polygon.
  • Binance has received several updates, which include new trading tools as well as a content discovery feed.
  • Announced Binance ID – A secure and frictionless login system powered by OAuth2 for third party platforms

Find the Binance Gift Card Marketplace

Binance Gift Card Marketplace offers utility and additional fun through exclusive activities and new crypto gift cards.

  • Fixed denomination
  • Cashback
  • Mystery

Fixed-denomination gift card cards offer a simpler purchase process. Users can purchase cards with predetermined amounts of supported cryptocurrency without having to manually convert.

On the other side, Mystery and Cashback gift card holders have access to limited-time activities that allow them to win crypto prizes. Binance awarded $33,000 worth of DEGO and MC rewards in September. More Binance Gift Card Activities are coming soon.

Simply Earn

Binance redesigned some of the most successful Binance Earn products. They combined Flexible Savings and Locked Savings with Locked Staking to create Simple Earn.

Simple Earn simplifies crypto subscriptions and offers a simple experience to redeem digital assets rewards. One click allows users to subscribe to their preferred assets to either a flexible plan which they can redeem any time, or to a locked plan which gives them higher rewards for fixed-time subscriptions.

Binance Labs Supporting Web3 Infrastructure

Binance Labs has invested $6 million in six projects this month: blockchain data company Bitgquery and Web3 infrastructure provider Mysten Labs. Blockchain security company Salus Security. Layer-1 blockchain Aptos. Social network project Hooked Protocol. Naming service network Space ID.

As Binance’s official incubator and venture capital arm, Binance Labs continues to identify, support, and empower promising Web3 projects that promote the growth of the larger ecosystem.


Polygon and Avalanche get the BUSD launch

BUSD can now be transferred across platforms using the Avalanche or Polygon networks. BUSD can also be purchased on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain and BNB Beacon Chain.

Binance has also revealed that customers can deposit USDC or USDP in stablecoins and then have the money converted to BUSD automatically on This new auto-conversion feature allows users to trade in one orderbook. It is a significant improvement over the old offering that allowed traders to only trade USDC and USDP separately. The update allows users to withdraw any stablecoins with their USDP balance, at a ratio of 1:1.

The Binance App has new updates

Binance’s first year of operation in 2017, crypto trading was limited to a single chart and few tools. The company’s philosophy, by contrast, has always been to provide users with every tool they needed or might want: detailed charts, order books, and much more, all wrapped in an intuitive interface.

Additional tools for trading

Binance has made major updates to its Binance app trading interface. This includes tools such as the Daily Percentage Change and Token Info and Financial History, 1-second Kline charts and a Favorites list that can be seen on the homepage. With these added features, users can now review price changes — down to the second — in local time zones while tracking the performance history of their preferred tokens.

Binance Options

Binance just launched Binance Options, a redesigned trading platform that is available on the Binance App. On a simple and intuitive interface, retail traders are now able to hedge their portfolios and express their opinions about the market using European-style option contract. Binance’s complete guide to options trading is available for those who are not familiar with it.

Keep up to date with all things Web3

The homepage now features a content discovery feed for users who have the Pro edition of Binance. This feed allows users to seamlessly access all of the Web3 news, insights and events from their phones.


Binance ID: Sign up and log in with Binance

Binance ID is similar to Facebook, Apple and Google logins. Users can register for third-party platforms and log in using their Binance accounts. Binance ID does not support third-party platforms.

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