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Flipkart is an Indian online e-commerce company that has been backed by Walmart. It launched a pilot program to let customers make purchases in a metaverse setting. Flipverse will offer its customers a variety of shopping experiences.

Flipkart Launches Flipverse: A Metaverse for Purchases

Flipkart India, one the largest online e-commerce sites in India, announced its pilot project to create a metaverse shopping experience. The Flipverse metaverse allows users to purchase as if they were in an actual store, using their mobile phones.

According to the company’s experience plan, it aims to add gamification and loyalty to the shopping experience. This will allow customers to accumulate supercoins or digital collectibles from brands who have already signed up to participate in the pilot program.

To create the new platform, Flipkart established a partnership with eDAO, a Polygon-incubated firm, to prepare the metaverse experience for this month’s launch. The company has already enrolled the participation of several key partners including Puma, Noise, Nivea, Lavie, Tokyo Talkies, Campus, VIP, Ajmal Perfumes, and Himalaya, that will be able to offer their own tailored experiences and stands in Flipkart’s metaverse.

An executive at Flipkart stated the following:

Flipverse aims to make shopping easier for millions by enabling them to use it. In India, Web 2.0 was launched 15 years ago. We are proud to be the first Indian company to offer Web 3.0 commerce.

The Metaverse and Retail

Although metaverse retail experiences are limited, the 2017 video showing an upcoming year’s experience with it has been a great start. exampleFlipkart and Polygon have created a simulation of what would happen in an imaginary Walmart-themed virtual world.

Sandeep Narwal was the co-founder and CEO of Polygon.

While we have only just begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible in the metaverse, we see e-commerce as one of the killer use cases. Combining top brands with Flipkart’s e-commerce expertise in a virtual environment stands to revolutionize online retail as we know it.

Walmart, which owns 72% of Flipkart, has already made its first metaverse move, in the Roblox universe in September, launching two experiences named “Walmart Land” and “Walmart’s Universe of Play.”

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